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30 Days of Night (2007)

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Corrected entry: Near the start of the film, Eben and Billy find a pile of burned cell phones, the phones having been stolen by the Stranger to stop the people of Barrow calling for help. Later in the film, both Eben and Stella are seen using their cell phones. Why not use them to call for help?

Correction: Because the local towers had subsequently been destroyed.

Phixius Premium member

Revealing mistake: During the heavy snowstorm, the telephone wires are still, even though it's a blizzard.

Hamster Premium member
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Deputy Billy Kitka: You know, Beau's not so bad. Why'd you bother writing him up?
Sheriff Eben Oleson: He lives all alone out there on the south ridge. A little citation now and then lets him know he's a part of this town.

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Trivia: During the scene showing the mass attack on the town, as one man's thrown off a roof he lets out a Wilhelm scream.

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