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Corrected entry: Eben's right hand is supposed to be severed after punching through Marlowe's head and teeth. When he's hugging Stella watching the sun rise, he is fingering his wedding ring necklace with an intact right hand.

Correction: Watch the scene again. After he punches through Marlowe's head, he pull his fist out. It's intact. He is holding it in a fist, waiting for the others to attack. There's no indication whatsoever that his hand was severed.

Corrected entry: Near the start of the film, Eben and Billy find a pile of burned cell phones, the phones having been stolen by the Stranger to stop the people of Barrow calling for help. Later in the film, both Eben and Stella are seen using their cell phones. Why not use them to call for help?

Correction: Because the local towers had subsequently been destroyed.

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Factual error: When the vampire throws the lit match on the oil it catches fire right away. Oil will only burn at a certain temperature no matter how many times you throw a lit match on it.

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Deputy Billy Kitka: You know, Beau's not so bad. Why'd you bother writing him up?
Sheriff Eben Oleson: He lives all alone out there on the south ridge. A little citation now and then lets him know he's a part of this town.

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Trivia: During the scene showing the mass attack on the town, as one man's thrown off a roof he lets out a Wilhelm scream.

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Question: 2 part question, 1. I know he only just turned but surely Eben would have attacked his friends, the man hiding under the building (who Eben kills near the swings) had only just turned yet did not hesitate and attacked Eben instantly, so why didn't Eben do the same? 2. The head vampire tells the others not to turn anyone, why not? Surely they would want as many vampires as possible to make killing the resisting humans easier and to make up the numbers should they lose any, why didn't he want anyone to turn?

Answer: The hiding man had no idea what had happened to him and so was just running on his new animalistic instinct. Eben became a vampire knowingly, willingly, and so he was able to move past that stage immediately. As you can see by the behavior of the lead vampire, a bit of restraint and humanity is not impossible to achieve. The lead vampire did not want anyone turned because that would mean more vampires to share the blood with. He didn't anticipate much in the way of resistance from the humans, they being weaker, slower, creatures.

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