The Kingdom

Continuity mistake: When Jeremy Pivens interacts with the FBI investigators, after the 'wrong' suspected terrorists are killed, he starts to pick up an AK-47 leaning against the wall and its barrel is pointed 'up'. He is told not to and in the next shot is putting it back, but the barrel is now pointing 'down'. Not to mention the continuity flaw in the distance he appears to have moved in a millisecond.

Continuity mistake: During the last fight, in chapter 18, Abu Hamza (the main terrorist) is shot and you can see the bloody bullet holes on his white tunic. 15 seconds later, his granddaughter goes to him but Hamza tunic is now intact, no more blood and bullet holes.


Continuity mistake: Jason Bateman is saved from beheading by Jennifer Garner. He tears off the duct tape that is around his neck. He then goes out into the hallway and tears the duct tape off for the second time.

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