Shoot 'Em Up

Mr. Smith (Clive Owen) discovers that a senator wants new gun control laws and needs a bone marrow transplant from baby Oliver. The gun company and Hertz (Paul Giamatti) buy the senator. Smith kills the senator because he knows that a sympathy vote will have the new gun controls laws in effect and the gun company will lose. Smith is then captured by Hertz and tortured (his fingers broken). He then kills Hertz by putting bullets between his fingers and firing them by placing his hand near a fireplace. Smith finds Donna (Monica Bellucci) and baby Oliver at a diner. A couple of burglars try to rob the place and Smith blows 'em away...


Factual error: In the final standoff, Smith shoots Hertz by holding cartridges between his fingers in the fire. This is not remotely believable. The casings, weighing much less than the bullets, would have been blasted off while the bullets themselves would have gone nowhere. (01:15:15)

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Hertz: Come on, Smith, come on, guns don't kill people - but they sure help.

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