In the Company of Men

In the Company of Men (1997)

Ending / spoiler

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Howie finds himself falling in love with Christine, and feels guilty about going along with Chad's plan. He confesses his love for her, and tells her all about Chad's cruel joke. She refuses to believe him. However, when she questions Chad about it, he is unable to keep a straight face, and he coldly dumps her. Christine is emotionally devastated. A few weeks later, Howie visits Chad at his house to tell him how bad he feels about what they did. Chad is clearly proud of it, and doesn't care. Chad then reveals that Suzanne never left him, and that the only reason he chose to destroy Christine's self-esteem is because he could. Howie leaves and vomits in disgust, as Chad lies next to Suzanne in bed with an evil, victorious smile. Howie goes to see Christine at her work, but she takes one look at him and ignores him. The film ends with Howie screaming at her to listen.

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