Mee-Shee: The Water Giant

After a helicopter crossing over Canada oddly malfunctions and crashes into Lake Okanagan, the crew are mysteriously saved by a unseen lifeform which helps them to safety. Soon after troubleshooter widower Sean Cambell is sent along with company employee Neilds to locate an arctic drill that was on board the helicopter when it splashed down...and is now somewhere in Okanagan's vast depths. Despite his promise to his only son Mac that they were going to Disney world. New York's Alaskoil oil business orders Sean to go...canceling father and son's holiday trip and forcing Sean to grudgingly bring his sulking offspring along for the ride. On arrival to the lake Mac soon finds something even better than fun rides, when he discovers that the folklore of fabled water-giant Mee-Shee is not only real but dwelling in an inlet cave. Sadly Alaskoil competitors Snead & Watkins also find out about Mee-Shee and after our lake dweller spoils their plans to sell the drill on the open market, they both set out to capture/kill the unique prehistoric beast.


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