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Body Snatchers is the 3rd film based upon the book that featured the alien pods and their soulless duplicates that are bent on taking over our world! This time mostly set in a military base where conformity is already expected, the story follows a young girl who's dad works at the base and whose entire family is soon threatened by the eerily emotionless invaders who shriek when they discover actual humans not yet replaced in their midst! Can she escape the horror happening around her, and even trust a helicopter young male pilot who seems to realise their danger? Will the pod people overrun the world?! If you've seen the earlier movies you may have an idea, but this film tries to take elements from those and ratchet up the horror with some creepy effects and remarkably effective acting in spots. Superior to the 4th version with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig for actual terror! Worthy of a look for Halloween.

Erik M.

Major Collins: We'll give 'em hell, Malone! We'll show 'em what the human race is really made of.

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Question: After Marti's father returns to her and Andy, they are driving through the base. Marti's father tells her not to show emotion because they can be fooled. She looks at him and realizes he is one of them. What was different about him that made Marti realize the truth? Her dad was acting normal and I could not see him giving anything away so what did I miss?


Chosen answer: I actually just watched this movie again today and I think it was because he was acting too calm and quiet. Marti might have got suspicious from the slight change in his personality. He also wasn't sweaty anymore and didn't have that white patch on his cheek that you can see in the previous scene when he picks up the phone in the doctor's office.

Answer: Before Steve ran off to find help the baddies were chasing them, when he reappeared the pod people just ignored them. Then he was driving someplace that was not an escape route, which, I believe, was what first tipped Marti off. And because he repeated the same exact line.

Alan Keddie

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