Corrected entry: When Septimus finds Primus dead in the bath, the inn has vanished and the bath is in an open field. As the bath was part of the inn magically generated from Lamia's small chariot, it should have disappeared too. Primus should have been found lying on the ground. (00:57:35)

Correction: Yes, the inn disappeared, but the chariot wasn't left behind. Lamia took the carriage Primus used to get there. The bath was actually the chariot.

Corrected entry: In scenes, where Tristan is a mouse, it's actually not a mouse, but a dormouse. Both these are rodents, but from a different family. A dormouse looks a lot like a mouse, but it has a furred tail (I'm not sure about the exact species used in the movie).

Correction: So what are you claiming as the mistake? If people refer to him as a mouse, then that's not a movie mistake - nobody in the film is portrayed as a rodent expert, so confusing the two is hardly unreasonable.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Tristan ties Yvaine to the tree with the "magic chain" one end is tied to Yvaine's hand and the other end is held by Tristan. Yet the scene shows another end of the "magic chain" joining Tristan's end. That makes three ends of the same chain.


Correction: A chain can have more than two ends. You simply add a new link at any point and continue the chain from there. The chain is magical and even grows to the length he requires, so it is already adding new links to itself to make it grow. Making an additional end is not that hard for its purposes.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: When Tristan receives the "magic chain" from his father it is about 12 inches long. When he places the "magic chain" on Yvaine in the crater it's about 12 feet long. Tristan is neither a wizard or warlock and should not be capable of altering its length.


Correction: One does not need to be a magician to use it, apparently. We see it grow on its own when he ties Yvaine to the tree. Initial length does not seem to be an issue here.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: No explanation is given as to how Tristan, wearing only his long johns, got from the brig (located in the bow of the ship) to Capt. Shakespear's cabin (located at stern of the ship) without the crew noticing.

Correction: A lack of explanation is not a plot hole, just a moment where the audience are supposed to connect the dots themselves. The ship has holds for storage and so forth, Tristan simply went down into the hold at the bow, walked aft through the hold while the crew were occupied listening outside the brig and made his way up into the captain's quarters.

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Corrected entry: In the scene in the magic inn when Lamia traps Tristan and Yvain with green "witch's fire," Tristan sticks his hand holding the Babylon candle into the fire. Tristan screams and the Babylon candle is lit. Tristan shouldn't have felt any pain and the Babylon candle shouldn't have been lit because he was wearing the snow drop flower, which deflects witch's fire, at the time. In a later scene when Lamia confronts Tristan, she tries to use witch's fire against him but the snow drop flower deflects it.

Correction: The flower is not a "deflect fire" flower. It's simply a magical protection. In this case, protection meant letting him light a candle. But you'll notice that his hand didn't in fact get burned, due to the flower's protection.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: When Tristan asks the name of the 'girl' at the inn, 'she' replies Bernard. She has a deep male voice, to make it funnier, but the voice she uses is lower than Bernard's real voice. (00:52:00)

Jennifer 1

Correction: He/she started as a human male, was turned into a goat, turned back into a human female. Isn't it possible the magic did soemthing to cause his/her vocal cords to mess up on occasion?

Corrected entry: When Septimus finds Tristan outside the Witches' lair and asks him what he is doing there, Tristan replies: "I might ask you the same thing". When he finishes speaking, he closes his mouth, but when the camera moves down to his knife, his mouth is slightly open. This happens instantly (01:41:00)

Jennifer 1

Correction: So he opens his mouth a little bit again. Where's the mistake in that?


Corrected entry: The runes used by the soothsayers are supposed to have only one carved side. The carved side means that the answer to the question is "yes" while the plain side means "no". Because the chance of getting all four pieces of runes to show only carved or plain side at the same time is hard to achieve, the runes used when the expected answer is "yes" are actually carved on both sides while the plain runes are used when the answer is "no." That way, a minor scene could be completed without wasting time and movie reels. (00:40:45 - 00:41:35)

Correction: That sounds more like so-so trivia than a mistake. Since we can never see both sides of the runes at the same time, and after they've been thrown they'd be impossible to keep track of, this couldn't possibly be seen within the movie. So it isn't a movie mistake, deliberate or otherwise.

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Corrected entry: When Lamia is doing little magic, like turning Bernard into a goat, she gets older little by little. But when she uses a lot of magic (making an inn out of a chariot, for example), she doesn't change an iota.

Correction: The first couple of times she uses magic, her hands look much older, then her hair becomes thinner. The visible parts of her body are now much older looking. After the inn scene, non-visible parts of her body could be getting older. The scene where she is in the chariot, and her boobs lose their firmness is an example of non-visible body parts that age with use of magic.

Corrected entry: After Lamia enslaves Yvaine and Una at the gap in the wall, all three leave in Lamia's coach. Tristan arrives shortly after and unhitches the horse from the yellow wagon and chases after them. When Septimus arrives a few moments later, the wagon is gone.

Correction: It's not gone, it's simply out of frame.

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