The Simpsons Movie

Corrected entry: Bart sees Ned putting Rod and Todd to bed in separate beds. About 25 seconds later as Ned talks to Bart, we can see the bed in the background, but it is now one single bed, and Rod and Todd have disappeared.


Casual Person

Correction: After Homer brushes the pig's hair, when it cuts to Bart turning his head toward the window with the light on, notice the chimney exterior to the left of the boys' window. Then we see their window in closeup as Ned tucks the boys in and turns their light off. When Bart pulls out his slingshot and takes aim at Homer, behind Bart we see a bedroom window with the light on inside, which is presumably Ned's bedroom, and note the chimney exterior is to the right of this window. During Ned and Bart's conversation we can see the boys' darkened bedroom window on the other side of the chimney exterior.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the car is being taken into the garden, Bart says "Up here." At this point, one of Fat Tony's assistants is seen lifting the rear end of the car at the left hand end. But if you look in the shot where the car is lifted up, you can see there is no sign of Fat Tony's assistant.


Casual Person

Correction: It's a big mob, and there is enough time between the car being lifted and Bart shouting up here for the Legs to appear.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Lisa is doing her survey, the last house she goes to is painted beige. Lisa then stands in front of the house and watches all the other houses close their doors. But in the following shot, that same house is now painted purple.


Casual Person

Correction: That's because it is a different house. Note the fixtures and fittings.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the mob scene the boyfriend of Milhouse's mother Luann is seen twice - he's somewhere in the middle, and also at the back of the mob.

Correction: No he isn't.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Frink says he made an acid firing super drill, there are people next to him on both his left and right. In the next shot (where we see the acid firing super drill outside the dome), there aren't any people standing next to him on the right, just the left.


Casual Person

Correction: Due to the camera angles it does appear to be the case. However, you will notice that just before the camera cuts to show the drill, all the people behind Frink are in a line. When we see the drill, the people are still in a line but the people furthest from the camera appear to be closer to Frink.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Homer returns home with Spider-Pig, Maggie's high chair is positioned to be facing the archway between the kitchen and living room. A few seconds later, after Marge realises Spider-Pig is the twisted tail, Marge says "I believe what happened in church was a warning about precisely this" and Maggie's high chair is suddenly positioned to face the fridge.


Casual Person

Correction: We see Maggie's highchair from a completely different angle and as such, the angle makes it appear it's facing the fridge when in reality it is still facing the arch.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Grandpa is freaking out in church, Milhouse's dad Kirk is sitting directly behind Homer. But when Homer is looking through the Bible to try and help Grandpa, there is no sign of Kirk at all.


Casual Person

Correction: Due to the angle of the camera he will not be visible when Homer is flicking through the bible.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Homer blows on Spider-Pig's belly, Bart aims his slingshot at Homer in attempt to launch something at him before he's interrupted by Ned. There's nothing in the slingshot.


Casual Person

Correction: It is not uncommon for people to fantasise about doing stuff. Bart was simply fantasising about firing something at Homer.

Corrected entry: When Homer is doing his chores, he covers the sink hole with the sand box and the sand starts sinking too. About a minute later as Bart is hanging off the roof just as Homer falls into the house, Maggie is seen in the background in the sand box, but there is no sign of the sand sinking.

00:07:15 - 00:08:25

Casual Person

Correction: Because Homer put Maggie in the sinkhole to block it.

Corrected entry: Professor Frink says he has a machine that will burn through anything but it happens to be on the outside of the dome. Why didn't the Simpsons use this to make a hole in the dome when they found a way out?

manthabeat Premium member

Correction: Even if the drill was still there for the using, there is nothing in the movie that suggests if they even remembered it was there. They could have easily forgotten about it.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: After the mob walks away from the wreckage of the Simpsons' house, Colin then knocks on the dome glass and a knocking sound is heard. Colin begins to play a song on his guitar and then the sound of the guitar can't be heard, despite the fact that we just heard him knock on the glass.


Casual Person

Correction: The sound of the knocking was heard because Colin directly touched the glass so the vibrations could get through easily. However, when he was playing the guitar, he was standing further away so the vibrations had to travel through the air and then the glass.

Corrected entry: Near the end, Chief Wiggum says "It's amazing no one got hurt." But earlier, when the dome was lowered onto the town, there was a man who got crushed when he couldn't decide whether to escape or stay.


Correction: We have no way of knowing if Chief Wiggum even knew about the man getting crushed earlier on.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: When Homer pretends to have a chainsaw and the hands come back to grab him, three more hands have appeared out of nowhere at the top of the screen.

Correction: As Homer is doing a chainsaw impression, we can see the top of the shot is the wood planks Homer hammered into the wall. The next shot shows, the three extra arms above the wood planks showing us the arms were actually there the whole time, but the arms were just out of shot.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: When Homer gets stuck in the sink hole, He says "Uh-Oh" but his mouth doesn't match what he says.


A Demon Premium member

Correction: During the second "Oh", you can just make out his mouth moving, which would have been enough to make his mouth match up with what he says.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: In the shot where Bart is causing avalanches, there is no lake/river by the house. When Homer decides to go and save his family one has suddenly appeared.


A Demon Premium member

Correction: We see the body of water at the bottom of the hill, below the cabin, when Maggie is lying on the ground making a snow angel, right before Bart claps and causes the avalanche.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Cletus is distracting Russ Cargill and the town is escaping, they use a radio tower to climb up to the rope. When Homer falls down the rope, the radio tower is gone.


Correction: Actually the radio tower is on the ground, it must have fallen over.

Joel Sheffield

Corrected entry: How did Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie get back inside the dome after they had been captured if there was no way in or out?

Correction: Obviously Russ Cargill had them placed back in the dome through the same opening where the bomb is placed.

Serious B Premium member

Corrected entry: Homer would not have been able to use super glue to climb the dome. It would have bonded instantly to the dome, and his weight probably would have succeeded in peeling some of his skin off because of the glue. Also, that kind of glue dries up a little after it's applied, so it would not have remained sticky throughout the entire time Homer used it.


Correction: Super glue does not bond instantly. It takes at least 10 to 20 seconds to bond. It is tacky quickly, but not instant bonding.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the dome is being lowered over the town, the dome comes down and squashes fences etc. There is a man who can't decide whether he should be in or out, then the dome flattens him at a fast speed. But in the next shot of the dome squashing the Simpson's fence, it moves very slow.

Correction: Notice, the dome crushes the fence slowly then drops to the ground fast.

Joel Sheffield

Corrected entry: When Cargill visits the president a second time, he shows footage of Springfield continuing to attack the dome. He tells the president that "If people escaped the dome before, then it is bound to happen again." But when Cargill first appeared on the interior of the dome explaining its purpose, he mentions how in terms of using the dome, it had "never come to that", suggesting that the government had never used the dome before.


Correction: The people he was referring to who got out of the dome, was the Simpsons.

Joel Sheffield

Corrected entry: When everyone climbs the rope to get out of the dome the helicopter wouldn't be able to carry the weight of them, especially with Comic Book Guy on the rope.

Joel Sheffield

Correction: How do you know? Please elaborate. How much weight can a helicopter support and what is the likely combined weight of the people climbing the rope? Without any sort of physics explanation, this entry seems to be based on an opinion.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: When Homer shows the family his Alaska poster is has the word Alaska written on it, but later when he puts it on the windscreen of the truck the word Alaska is gone.

Joel Sheffield

Correction: Look closer and you can see that not all of the poster is displayed on the windscreen the top is folded over therefore so is the word Alaska.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Homer and Bart are gonna blow up the dome they are riding on the bike round the dome. When Bart apologizes to Homer they look like they're floating in mid air rather than driving round the edge of the dome.

Correction: The shot is a closeup of them and they are moving at high speeds on a clear dome. It can appear that they are floating but they are still on the dome.


Corrected entry: When the mob is outside the Simpsons' home, they say, "No we won't, we just want Homer! However, when they burst in, Krusty says, "Teeny, get the baby!


Correction: So the mob lied. Or Krusty lied. Or Krusty wasn't one of the voices claiming they only wanted Homer. Or he changed his mind.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: After the dome has shattered, Chief Wiggum mentions nobody getting hurt. You then see Dr Nick get flattened by a large piece of glass. He says "Bye, everybody!" and dies. There would have been some (well, lots of) blood. But there is none.


Correction: It's a standard of the medium that the laws of nature do not apply in a cartoon. If they did, then people wouldn't be yellow-skinned, a giant glass dome couldn't have been been constructed (much less flown by helicopters and suction cups)to isolate a city, and Maggie would be in college by now.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the Green Day concert, Edna Krabapple sits on Skinner and takes up the sweater that says "Not my boyfriend," but when Green Day is done singing "Da Da Da," they are not there anymore.


Correction: They are to the left of where the wider shot cuts off - the entire audience is NOT visible in that wider shot. We have to presume that they are still in the audience, but we just cannot see them in that wider shot.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Homer is in the hanging noose his arm is stuck in a tight position. The next shot shows the rest of the family and when we cut back to Homer, he is suddenly free of the noose completely! That is impossible for a normal person to escape that quickly - only a master escape artist could do that.

00:34:30 - 00:35:20


Correction: "Normal person" being the operative words there, which Homer is not. Homer did have one arm free; he could have grabbed the rope above the noose and pulled himself up, loosening it to the point where he could pull his head and trapped arm out. Since all of this takes place off camera it is pure assumption to say that he could not have freed himself.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Apu, Cheif Wiggums, and Dr. Hibbert go to Mr. Burns' mansion, they show a shot of the whole mansion before the scene inside the mansion. The mansion is outside the dome. You can tell because the dome is off in the distance. Now this made a big gap in the plot. If three Springfeild residences can get out of the dome, wouldn't they all come out of the dome and (more importantly) find Homer? Why did those 3 go back in the dome if it was in trouble? Also, if some did stay in the dome, wouldn't some people at least get more supplies outside? Again, if they could get out of the dome, what was the point of the whole scene when they riot and go against the dome if there is a way out? It couldn't have been that the President or that the EPA fixes the way out, because they just found out about it during the scene of the riot.

Correction: You do see a part of the dome wall in the back, but the mansion is still inside the dome.

It's not in the dome.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Green Day's Barge is sinking, they stand up and play "Nearer My God To Thee", which is supposedly the final song played by the band on Titanic as it sank.


Correction: This reference is quite obvious, considering they blatantly mimic the scene from "Titanic", complete with the violins and the "Gentlemen, it's been an honour playing with you this evening" line.

Corrected entry: Right after the Simpsons escape through the sinkhole, the EPA commander throws his binoculars at the jeep and they bounce back at him. The binoculars never hit the windshield. They "hit" above it.

Correction: He throws the binoculars at the dome. Not the jeep.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: The Simpsons team have confirmed that Dr. Nick Rivera did die when the glass hit him and that he won't come back after that.

Correction: It is true he did die. However, The Simpsons team also confirmed that he will come back to life and is seen live and well in "Lost Verizon" as Julius Hibbert's caddy.

Corrected entry: Willies hair changes from red to brown throughout the film.


Correction: His hair stays the same dark colour throughout the movie.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: The audience throws cups and things on Green Day - but they don't have them before that.

Correction: Not everybody in the audience is seen prior to the crowd throwing items. Additionally you see Moe pick up a rock off the ground to throw, so essentially they didn't have to carry the items to begin with.

Corrected entry: The treehouse tree, in reality would not go up and down when the rope goes back and forth, but would collapse anyway.

Correction: It is a visual gag in a cartoon and is not expected to reflect realism.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Between the time Bart smacks onto the Krusty Burger window to when Ned Flanders offers him pants, the fries he has doubles.

Correction: There is a break between this time as we see the sun set outside when Nelson is laughing at him. Nothing says Ned can't order more fries.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: At the church, the lady plays "American Idiot." When the Simpson family comes in, she is still playing, but we can't hear a tone.


Correction: She isn't playing when they enter. She is sat with her hands in her lap.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Homer and Bart are headed for the sign of Springfield, it is intact, but in the close-up, the P has moved so they can stunt on it. Also I think that the sign might be whole even though it was cut in two earlier in the film.

Correction: The sign is still split. The P however stays in the same place. It's just the camera view.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Lisa is going door-to-door about Lake Springfield one of the houses floats away, in the next few frames there is no empty space where the house was.

Correction: There is always an empty space.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: Frink couldn't have perfected his acid drill without being outside the dome where it also is.

Correction: It's a gag, not a "deliberate mistake". No different than Homer's hair coming out like an unraveling thread, or the fact that it supported Bart's weight, or the fact that Homer and Bart were able to drive around on the dome like they did.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: All of the Lard lads in the film have grey hair and red shirts. But in other episodes they were depicted as having brown hair and a blue shirt.

Correction: Differences between the series and the movie are not valid mistakes. If they appear differently in different scenes (or even the same scene) the movie it's a mistake, but not between the series and the movie.

Corrected entry: After the Inuit scares the polar bear away it kicks a fox. But the fox is orange when in that part of the world it should be white.

Correction: No, you're thinking of an Arctic fox, which is white, but there are also red foxes in Alaska as well. Both breeds of foxes live there, not just Arctic foxes.

Corrected entry: During Lisa's survey of the lake, the crazy cat lady is cleaning her cats. But when she is doing this, it looks like there is an infinite amount of cats in the box that they are in.

Correction: That's the joke in the scene. As it is done deliberately, no mistake.


Corrected entry: While on the cycle Bart pulls some of Homers hair of but after the bomb explodes his hair is back to its usual status.

Correction: It's a visual gag of such commonplace stature that this can hardly be considered a continuity error, especially in a cartoon.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bart falls off the motorbike, while riding up the inside of the dome with Homer, he has to grab onto Homer's hair to save himself from falling, and Homer starts to scream in pain. After a while, when Homer only has one strand of hair left for Bart to hold onto, Homer sounds like he stops screaming, but his mouth is still wide open and his tongue is still sticking out in the classic cartoon 'screaming' position.

Correction: Just because a person's mouth is open and tongue flailing doesn't mean they have to be screaming. It could easily be described as Homer's reaction to the pain of having his hair pulled out.

Corrected entry: On TV, there's a big house across the street from the Simpson House. However in the movie, there are several little houses across the street from the Simpson house.

Correction: As in all the other corrections for these mistakes, buildings, locations and landmarks all change regularly both during the series and in the movie, as such it's not a mistake. If there were large houses across the street in the movie, then small ones, it's a mistake, but differences between the series and the movie are not applicable.

Corrected entry: A heavenly beam of light falls on the bike that Homer uses to ride up the dome, but the bike wasn't there in previous shots.



Correction: The bike is out of shot.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Marge closes the curtain in the motel room the other curtain changes from being open and closed between shots.


Correction: It stays closed throughout the scene.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: Right after when Homer asks what the secret knock is, the lock changes from a rectangle with a circle, to a rectangle, back to a rectangle with a circle.


Correction: The hole isn't visible due to the angle of the shot. The camera is by the wall so you wouldn't see the hole. No mistake here.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Simpson family are at the motel after getting out of the dome, Homer knocks on the door to ask what the secret knock is. The door opens without Homer opening it, and the rest of the family is nowhere within arm's length of the door to open it.

Correction: One of them strode forward, turned the knob, then, as the door was swinging open, strode back to wherever they were so they wouldn't have to greet or otherwise acknowledge him. Every hotel/motel I have stayed in had doors that swung open if the latch wasn't in place; it's so you're less likely to lock yourself out.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the dome is being lowered over the town one of the edges is near the right side of the schoolyard. Later (when Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie get put in) the only edge near the school is in the back of the schoolyard (if there's an edge near the school at all).

Correction: Already listed and corrected. Many locations in Springfield change around, both within the series and the movie, all according to which jokes the makers want to insert in particular scenes.


Corrected entry: When Homer is swinging by the wrecking ball, caugut between a rock and "a hard place", it eventually stops and a few seconds later it swings back up to the rock. This is impossible.

Correction: It's a deliberate joke, and as such, not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Russ Cargill is on the big screen explaining why the EPA has put a dome over Springfield, you can see the Simpsons' house is next to the edge of the dome (Flanders' is on the other side) but later in the movie there's a row of houses on the other side of the Simpson's house.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected: the layout of Springfield, and the locations of various buildings changes constantly throughout the movie (and the TV show for that matter).

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Before Green Days' Funeral there is a Text board outside the Church. Later, when the dome is being lowered over the town and the people in the church run into Moe's and the people in Moe's run into the Church, the text board is gone.

Correction: Since some time has passed between the instances the church could have moved it.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Homer's "Pig Crap" silo is found a police man is writing a report on a notepad. The police man moves the notepad down, but the words on it stay where they are and they go through the police man's shirt.

Correction: Not so, the police officer doesn't lower the pad.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when the are showing "The Itchy and Scratchy Movie", Itchy launches the nuclear missiles which are initially spread apart but when they land in Scratchy's mouth they are all in one clump.

Correction: You can't seriously expect perfect continuity watching a cartoon within a cartoon.

Jason Hoffman

But then itchy and scratchy had to be made as part of the Simpson's movie so it's still part of the film making it a mistake.

A Demon Premium member

New this month Correction: Missiles can also change trajectory.

Serious B Premium member

Corrected entry: When comic book guy is showing Marge the video of Grampa freaking out in church, the video on his cell phone camera then moves to a different angle. This is impossible.

Correction: Many of the things that happen in this movie are impossible. Why single this one out?

Corrected entry: When the dome has been lowered there is a far out shot of Springfield surrounded by a forest yet throughout the tv show they are next to their rival town Shelbyville.

Correction: First, the movie is not the TV show, and the locations of different businesses etc are different as well. Since the movie is stand-alone, and the forest does not change in the movie, it's not a mistake. Second, in the TV show, locations change all the time, as evidenced by the nuclear plant being right next to the Simpson's in some episodes, and far away in others, it's part of the humour of the series. Finally, Shelbyville is close to Springfield in some episodes, and miles away in others as when Homer et al rescue Ned's motorhome in one episode, but in another episode, Homer sees road signs for Shelbyville being miles away while driving in other episodes.

Corrected entry: Bart pokes the 100-eyed squirrel in five of its eyes, but when it cuts to a wider shot the squirrel is squinting in pain with six of its eyes.

Correction: It's not unreasonable to think that the squirrel's mutation caused some occular nerves to combine.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Homer opens the poster of Alaska he opens it in hundreds of squares, during shots the size of the squares he unfolded it from changes multiple times.

Correction: Having just watched this film, they don't change from what I can see.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bart is hiking up the hill with Flanders, in the wide shot Flanders has a walking stick and Bart doesn't, but it then cuts to a closer shot and Bart suddenly has a stick.

Correction: Bart has a stick the whole time.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Maggie, Lisa, Bart and Marge jump from the treehouse to the sandbox portal to escape the Springfield mob after them, no one of the mob sees the four jump in the sandbox despite that many were around the sandbox. They only notice Homer jump and get stuck initially. There would be no way for anyone to miss the other four Simpsons jump.

Correction: This isn't really a mistake - they probably did see them, but they're only after Homer, not the rest of the family.

Sam Johnson

Corrected entry: Homer receives his Alaska Permanent Fund dividend as soon as he enters the state. In reality, he would have had to have lived in the state for a full calendar year to become eligible.

Correction: It's a cartoon and a satire. They deliberately chose to do it that way so it would be funny.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the movie, Moe's Tavern is right next to the church. But it was never like that in the TV series. It was all the way on the other side of Springfield.

Correction: Fair point, however, the various landmarks in Springfield do move around, depending on what's convenient for a joke. For example, I recall one episode where Moe's was at the end of the Simpsons' street; in another, the Power Plant's car park stretched all the way to the back of the Simpson's house. Indeed, I would even suggest that the blatent 'relocation' of these buildings is part of the joke itself. The writers themselves openly admit this on the DVD commentaries for the TV show.


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Homer Simpson: Hey, Marge! Isn't it great being married to somebody who's recklessly impulsive?
Marge Simpson: Actually, it's aged me horribly.



When "Emperor" Moe appears in front of Marge, after she and the kids return, the two cartridge belts swung over Moe's shoulders switch from his left over the right, to his right over the left.



When Homer and Bart jump the gorge, the ambulance that crashed into the tree in "Bart the Daredevil" is still there, crashed in the tree.