The directors cut ends the movie differently. Instead of surviving the fire he dies in the fire and at the end they are having a funeral for him and the hotal manager Samual L. Jackson arrives after the funeral is over to give his wife the box of John Cusacks belongins that survived the fire and to tell her he did a great thing by destroying the room. She does not accept them and he gets back in the car with the box. He opens it up and listens to the tape recorder. Then he looks up in the rearview mirror and sees john cusacks character burned then it dissapears he starts laughing. Next shot is John Cusacks character in the hotel room smoking his cigarrette and the fades.

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Katie: Daddy.
Mike Enslin: No, you're not real.
Katie: I'm cold.
Mike Enslin: No, you're not Katie.
Katie: I love you Daddy. Don't you love me anymore?
Mike Enslin: Of course I do, sweetheart.



As Mike scrolls through the microfilm, we see his view as the pages scroll from right to left. The shot then reverses to show his face through the scrolling film, but while the film is now properly reversed, it's still moving right to left in our view. But this reversed angle should show it moving left to right.