Revenge of the Creature

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9.6/10. The best of The Creature From The Black Lagoon trilogy. Here he's the victim against man who wishes to hold him in captivity, experiment on him. They even torture him when he doesn't obey. I rooted for the Gill Man as he was only fighting to escape and return to the lagoon and his sense of sanity. I liked Lori Nelson,charming.Still she was part of these cruel experiments so her character was evil too like the men's were.Clint Eastwood's first movie role, more actors should do small roles like this, would keep them humble. The Gill Man is one of the best Universal monsters.


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Lucas: I hope you ain't going to blow up my boat, Mr. Johnson. Like my wife, she's not much but she's all I have.

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Trivia: In this 1955 horror film, Hollywood newcomer Clint Eastwood memorably appeared as a lab assistant (a speaking role) with a white rat in his pocket. Earlier the same day on a different set, Eastwood filmed his very first big-screen role as a jet fighter pilot (another speaking role) in the 1955 horror film "Tarantula," making it a big day for Clint Eastwood.

Charles Austin Miller

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