Amazing Grace

Corrected entry: At 1:23:19 in the movie, Wilberforce is getting married and his bride has chosen his favorite hymn, you guessed it, "Amazing Grace," to be sung at his wedding. Watch the bride at the end of the song. The words are "was blind but now I see." The bride sings, "was blind but now I'm free." You would have thought the actress would know the words of the song the entire movie is based on. (01:23:15)

Correction: Character error. Easily done, particularly in the excitement of a wedding. In one famous case involving royalty, the bride mangled the groom's full name during the vows; if somebody can get that wrong, then getting the words of a song wrong hardly seems unreasonable.

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Corrected entry: There is a scene where Wilberforce and Barbara are walking in the garden, when he is taking his rest cure. He asks her for her opinion on the war with France, and she replies that Britain should 'settle with Napoleon'. This scene is set in 1797, and Napoleon did not come to power until 1799.

Correction: In 1797, Napoleon had just concluded a major campaign against Italy and Austria and was becoming powerful back home in France. Britain was the only major European power that was still in a position to oppose France in 1797. Wilberforce himself introduced a resolution in May of 1797 regarding the war with France. So it seems very probable that negotiations with the French general would be on Parliament's mind in 1797.

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