In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood (1967)

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Corrected entry: When the cops are taking pictures of the dead woman you can see clearly that she blinks after the flash.

Correction: The scene described here is not in the original In Cold Blood, but it is a mistake in the 1996 tv remake of In Cold Blood. In the 1967 film, only Mr. Clutter's feet are shown being photographed by police. The bodies of Mrs. Clutter, Kenyon and Nancy were never shown being photographed by police in the original movie.

Corrected entry: The events depicted in the film took place in 1959; however, the exterior shot of the courthouse shows several automobiles made in the early to mid-1960's.

Correction: Actually, the trial took place into the spring of 1960, so without more definitive descriptions of the automobiles believed to be out of the time period, this entry is too vague.


There are at least three cars from the mid to late 60's in various scenes driving.

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