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Revealing mistake: Near the start of the film, when Lt. Harley is watching his love interest show off by doing gymnastics on the tree limbs, several times you can see the actual pole she is swinging on, not the tree limb. (00:08:50)

Audio problem: Topper is driving in to the base beside the running troops on his bike. When they recite the Brady Bunch part, none of the soldiers' mouths are moving.

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Suggested correction: That's simply not true. While some weren't moving their months, you can see many moving their mouths, including the drill instructor.


Continuity mistake: When Dead Meat has crashed, and Washout's parachute is lying on the road, the ambulance runs over it. In the first shot, the ambulance clearly runs completely over it without catching the parachute at all. In the next shot we see the ambulance hooking the parachute and dragging Washout along the road. (00:42:55)

Revealing mistake: When Topper launches the olive off her belly button in the romance scene, her entire chest moves, showing that it's obviously not her chest.

Visible crew/equipment: In the battle at the end of the movie, the shadow of the crane holding the miniature plane on the mountain is visible when Topper brakes behind a mountain, turns around the corner and follows the enemy jets. (01:07:05)


Revealing mistake: In the scene where a fighter plane parks on a handicapped parking lot (on a carrier), the openings of the missile pods on that plane and its neighbour are merely painted on. (00:55:00)

Visible crew/equipment: When Kent comes out of Ramada's house you can see a reflection of the film crew in the chafing dish he is carrying. (00:50:25)


Continuity mistake: When Adm. Tug Benson is talking to the troops, they're all acting out certain activities. It shows one man with a football, then cuts to Adm. Benson talking. When it cuts back to the men, the one who had the football is in the same position he was in earlier (as if he was throwing it), but no longer has the ball in his hand. (00:20:45)

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Suggested correction: The whole thing was a joke. It's not just Wash Out with the missing football. Kent's flowing white scarf is gone, the guy in front of Kent has his flight suit instantly zipped up, and one of the guys in the back doesn't have his jacket.


Revealing mistake: When Ramada starts singing and is walking up the slanted piano, you can easily tell that the whole room is slanted by the way people are sitting in the background. Ramada is actually walking parallel to the floor.

Continuity mistake: When Adm. Benson takes a drink of pudding out of his coffee cup, the pudding is all over his mouth. They show the other guy in the room and then go right back to Adm. Benson, and the pudding on his face is gone. (00:48:50)

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Suggested correction: They show Commander Block long enough for Benson to wipe/lick the pudding off his face, especially in a farcical movie like this.

Brian Katcher

Visible crew/equipment: When Commander Block walks into Benson's office after his secretary reads his letter, in the very bottom left corner of the screen you can briefly see a crew member sitting there. (00:50:50)

Other mistake: When Topper speaks to Ramada for the first time, we can see his name plate read "LT Sean Harley", whereas LT stands for Lieutenant, any army's lowest officer rank. The rank insignia on his collar, though, is that of a Captain (CPT). (00:19:19 - 00:20:09)

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Suggested correction: Topper's not in the army, he's in the navy. He has the correct insignia for a naval lieutenant.

Brian Katcher

Topper Harley: My father used to say that not playing to win is like sleeping with your sister. Sure she's a great piece of tail, with a blouse full of goodies, but... It's just illegal. Then you get into that whole inbred thing. Kids with no teeth who do nothing but play the banjo... Eat apple sauce through a straw... Pork farm animals.

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Trivia: The end credits of the movie contain several hidden jokes, such as a recipe for baking a dessert, etc.


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Chosen answer: A chafing dish is a large metal pan or glass container (either is called a "dish") that is used to serve hot food at a buffet. The dish fits into an elevated metal stand that has one or more holders on the bottom for small sterno containers. The heat from the lit sterno keeps food warm.


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