The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer (1998)

Plot summary

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After a horrible horsebackriding accident leaves a girl with only one leg and her horse maimed. Her over-worked mother takes her and her horse to a ranch in montana in order to "heal" from the trauma. They stay on a farm with a family of cattle ranchers, one of them being Robert Redford's character (the horse whisperer). During this time they learn alot about life and eachother. Due to an unhappy marriage back at home, the mother falls in love with the horse whisperer.

Continuity mistake: When Robert Redford gets the girl to drive the pick-up, in one shot something lies in the gun rack. In the next shot there is nothing behind their heads in the truck's cab.

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Robert: How are you doing out there in Marlboro country?

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Question: What does Annie whisper to Tom in the kiss scene?

Answer: "There's something I need to know." To this day I'm still not sure what she is referring to.

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