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The Horse Whisperer (1998)

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Corrected entry: When Grace is learning how to drive she's in a car with automatic. She puts it in D and then we see her foot press down the gas pedal. Her foot is not on the brake so the car should already be moving, but it isn't. A moment later the car is once again completely still even though it's in D and her foot isn't on the brake.

Correction: Just because a car is in drive does not mean it should naturally move forward. In order to shift into drive from park, all car models (including the 1970s Ford pickup in the film) require that the brake pedal is depressed while engaging the shifter. At this point, in drive, the driver can lift his foot from the brake and the car will simply sit still and idle without moving until he pushes down on the accelerator. If someone's car starts moving forward without pushing the gas pedal, it's a malfunction. Likely the idle is set way too high.

Corrected entry: When Grace is watching the video of Pilgrim jumping rails, the horse is not the same one used throughout the rest of the movie. The horse on tape has a blaze (white stripe) down the middle of his face. Throughout the rest of the movie, Pilgrim has a white star on his head.

Correction: It's never stated that she is riding Pilgrim in that video.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Grace is watching old video footage (purportedly of her and Pilgrim), the horse shown going over the jumps is in fact a small pony. It is the right colour to be Pilgrim, but is a very much smaller animal. Pilgrim is about 16.1 hands high, the pony in the video looks about 12.2 hands high.

Correction: In the book Grace had a pony before her parents bought her Pilgrim. She might be looking on a video of her and the pony, remembering the days when she had two legs and could ride like that.

Corrected entry: If Pilgrim, the horse, is so badly hurt that everyone in New York wants to put him down, how does he survive a cross-country trip with no problems?

Correction: They at first wanted to put him down since he was so badly injured, but he survived. Then they felt he should be put down because of his psyche. At this point he was physically well enough for the travel. The book states that they had problems with him making noise in the trailer but he was silent at some parts and the driving scenes in the movie might have taken place during the moments he was silent.

Corrected entry: When Grace fails to climb the boy's horse, it seems like she can't get her left foot into the stirrup - the one that hasn't been injured.

Correction: She has difficulty getting her foot in the stirrup because she is trying to balance all her weight on her prosthetic leg. I can't imagine that being very easy for her since she has only been on it for a short time.

Continuity mistake: When the horse is roped down on the floor, Robert Redford is shown carefully unlooping and removing the rope he'd put around its fetlock (just above its hoof). A few seconds later, the shot changes and the rope is back in place.

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Robert: How are you doing out there in Marlboro country?

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Question: What does Annie whisper to Tom in the kiss scene?

Answer: "There's something I need to know." To this day I'm still not sure what she is referring to.

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