Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

Revealing mistake: When the red Dalek falls down the shaft, there is a very clear shot of its base with three small furniture casters (though it must be a dummy, as there is no hole for the operator's feet to protrude).

Revealing mistake: On the left hand 'Roboman Converter' two of the top row of red lights are not working.

Revealing mistake: When the Red Dalek and the Dalek Supreme fall down the mine shaft, they have been replaced with obvious models that don't resemble the Dalek's image (i.e. larger necks; more skirt balls; thinner dome lights).

Revealing mistake: Wires are visible on the Dalek saucer in almost all shots of it flying.

Revealing mistake: When the van rams through the ranks of blue/silver Daleks in the street, some of those knocked flying are seen to be completely empty casings.

Revealing mistake: When the workers are running away from the mine before it explodes, one of the female extras (the woman wearing the blue shawl) suddenly slows down to a relaxed stroll - obviously thinking she's safely out of shot.

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