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High Noon (1952)

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Corrected entry: This film supposedly takes place at noon, but the shadows vary greatly in direction and size.

Correction: The film takes place one morning, over a time span of just under two hours - from 10.35am to 12.20pm the same day. Obviously the whole film does not take place at noon, only the climactic gun battle does - and it was shot at noon, over four consecutive days. The shadows are just what you would expect throughout the film.

Corrected entry: In the opening, as the three gunmen cross the tracks toward the train station, a helicopter can be seen flying overhead. It stops and turns sideways in the last couple of frames.

Correction: It's not a helicopter, it's a bird.

Corrected entry: Just after Kane's wife and ex-mistress drive past him, there is a crane shot that pulls up and away to show the lawman alone in the streets. As the frame clears the tops of the set, the audience can glimpse the high-rise buildings of Los Angeles in the background.

Correction: After watching this scene, all I saw were tall trees in the background, not the skyline of Los Angeles.

What about the modern electric poles in that shot?

Plot hole: Frank Miller sets fire to the stable Kane is hiding in; when he leaves it, you can see the large column of smoke. But the fire is ignored after that. In an age of wooden buildings and poor fire equipment, that could have burned down the whole town. Even assuming that people wouldn't come out to fight the fire during the gun battle, you'd think that when they all came out at the end, someone would have pointed out they had a major fire to deal with. (01:16:40)

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Amy: Don't try to be a hero! You don't have to be a hero, not for me.

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Trivia: Released during the height of Communist hysteria, the film is a thinly disguised indictment of McCarthyism. The cowardice of the townspeople represents the blacklisting that ruined careers and lives, particularly in Hollywood, all the while supposedly good people were afraid to do the right thing and stand up for those singled out for persecution.

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