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Corrected entry: When Vincent and Justin run away from the store after having stolen some stuff, Barry is first out the door chasing them, followed by Rob who stops to pick up the skateboard they drop behind. In the next shot, just outside the door and before they've even reached the corner, Rob is ahead and Barry's a good bit behind. (00:50:35)

Correction: Rob could have been running faster than Barry, considering Barry was overweight.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where John Cusack is speaking to the camera about the top 5 things he misses about his girlfriend. As he counts down the list, he is walking between huge steel girders. Check the buildings in the background. Through each shot in that scene, he is walking by the same 2 girders. (01:19:45)

Correction: Actually, he's just sort of hanging out amongst the girders (looks like a bridge across the Chicago River) and walking back and forth, so it makes sense that the buildings aren't changing.

Corrected entry: In the very first scene, when Cusack is listening through the headphones, his girlfriend pulls out the plug to the headphones. The music stops, but it should have kept playing through the speakers.

Correction: Some systems can be set up like that. Alternatively, because he lives in an apartment, he might disconnect his speakers and only listen through headphones.

Corrected entry: When Rob has just broken up with Laura he lists his top 5 breakup in chronological order and says: Alison Ashmore, Penny Hardwick, Jackie Alden, Charlie Nicholson, and Sarah Kendrew. Then when he has flashbacks of them all, 1&2 are in order, but then he lists Charlie at 3 and Sarah at 4, leaving Jackie for 5. The order went from 12345 to 12453.

Correction: He also mentions that he would rather not get into the story of why he and Charlie broke up at the time her name came up on the list.

Continuity mistake: When John Cusack is at a house after the funeral, he is standing in front of a fireplace. You can see the boom microphone dip into the top of the screen above his head.

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Rob Gordon: John Dillinger was killed behind that theater in a hail of FBI gunfire. And do you know who tipped them off? His fucking girlfriend. All he wanted to do was go see a movie.

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Trivia: When Rob and Laura are lying in bed listening to Ray aka Ian have sex, Laura is reading a book called Love Thy Neighbor. Later on we learn that Laura indeed did love her upstairs neighbor.

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