The Great Raid

The Great Raid (2005)

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Corrected entry: Mina told Margaret she was being followed. Mina was to Margeret's left. Then there is another shot where Mina is to Margaret's right. Then another shot where she is back to her left.

Correction: Mina and Margarette are actually still in the same positions. It just cuts to a reflection to show the man stalking Mina which might seem like they changed places but they did not.


Other mistake: The exact same background shot of a Ventura bomber followed by two single-engine planes flying left to right is used three times during the film, twice at the beginning as they are planning the mission on the beach and then once at the end when the raid is over.

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General Kreuger: Henry, I'll be honest with you. This mission appeals more to my heart than to my head.

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