When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide (1951)

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Corrected entry: When the ark is breaking free from Zyra's passing, men slide I beams into the carriage to stop it. To the right of them is another crew of 6-8 people that are helping, as the shot changes angles these people vanish and reappear several times.

Correction: The 6-8 people mentioned are different people, as they are wearing different uniforms, jump suits, hats, etc... They do not vanish and reappear as mentioned.

Corrected entry: After the rocket boosts itself to escape velocity the motors cut off and it coasts toward planet Zyra on inertia alone. During the coast everything within the ship should be in free-fall, weightless. Yet during the scene between Earth and Zyra everyone and everything is under a full g.

Correction: Just like they are in Star Trek, The Black Hole and thousands of other sci-fi films - artificial gravity, yet another film convention that is not a mistake.

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When the quake starts, Joyce Hendron runs to the arms of David Randall for protection. Ten seconds later, she again runs again to his arms.



In the book "When Worlds Collide" the lottery to determine who gets to fly to the new world gets cancelled when the first passing of the planets cause an eruption which causes an upwelling of a new metallic mineral with some peculiar qualities. A second spaceship, considerably larger than the first ship is built, enabling all who worked on the project to be saved.