Rollin' with the Nines

Our quintet's plan of as successful urban underground garage hip-hop musicians comes to an end when Too Fine is gunned down in a drive by shooting at the hands of Temper and his crew for unpaid debts. After seeing her big brother getting his blood and brain matter splattered onto her, Hope is then set upon by Temper and raped. In revenge she tracks him down to his home and blows him away. Realizing Temper's mates will be more than peeved Finny & Pushy show up at the gangs nightclub hideout and execute name along with a single mother waitress who's caught in the cross fire. Corrupt closet drug-pedling asian hating Ds Andy White is soon onto them along with Det. Ed Haines and Det. Newmyer amongst others. Gangster David Brumby contacts them over his associates' demises and wants someone to fill in the crack supplying bussiness of south london. Hope convinces Finny, Pushy and Rage too fill in from the late Temper's crew. Finny is eventually and forced to turn informant via threats of death by White getting an inmate to off Finny whilst he's inside. Hope finds out and stabs him leaving him too bleed to death before dumping him in a car boot. White forces David Brumby to have Pushy and Rage to be snipered by a hit squad. Hope despite losing her friends carries on regardless to a new life.

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