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Hard Rain (1998)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the guy gets electrocuted on the antenna, this would not happen. 1)The power would have shorted out long before the water got to the transformer 2) the guy would not have gotten shocked even if the water was electrified because he was not grounded. The water would have taken the electricity to the true earth ground immediately as electricity ALWAYS takes the past of least resistance.


Correction: The first part should be true, however the second part is completely wrong. Because of such high electricity levels, it would get dispersed in all directions, and as for not being grounded he was holding onto a giant piece of metal; metal has more conductivity than true ground, and would be connected to a ground at its base anyways.

Corrected entry: There's are several scenes where Christian Slater is shown below water-surface and the water is always clear as crystal, like in a swimmingpool. I've once experienced a flood in Poland myself. If there's a flood, the water is always filthy and dirty. You can't see an inch under water.

Correction: Movies often violate things such as this for the sake of being able to see. If the water were made to appear realistic (muddy, no visibility), then we wouldn't be able to see what's going on when the actors are submerged.

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When Christian Slater and Minnie Driver are trying to get out of the water before it reaches the transformer, there is a real big problem with this scene. If there really was a flood and it was rising that high, the city should have shut off the electricity to the entire city, to prevent any electric hazards that may happen in that situation.



The original title of this movie was "The Flood."