Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Revealing mistake: When the Rangers arrive in the cave entrance of Maligore's temple (as Tommy cries "all right guys, this is it!") watch to the right of the screen, as Justin (the Blue Ranger) puts his arm against the stone cave wall and it wobbles, revealing it is a fake set wall.


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Revealing mistake: When all of the Power Rangers equip themselves with weapons, as they face the giant Maligore, Adam equips himself with his Turbo Thunder Cannon. However, when he equips himself with it AND when he uses it to fire at Maligore, he is clearly holding it the wrong way round, with the front (firing hole) pointing at him. However he still manages to use it!


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Revealing mistake: After Tommy has flipped Jason over (whilst he was being strangled), Tommy is now trying to pull Jason up out of the volcanic pit of Maligore. As Tommy leans over the solid stone ledge and pulls Jason up, you can clearly see the stone ledge around the pit shake, revealing that it is not really stone but it is just part of the set.


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