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Corrected entry: During the film many of the characters refer to the area "Palestine" when speaking of "Jerusalem". Unfortunately "Palestine" was not named so when the film was set (30AD), the area in question was known as "Judea" until renamed "Palestine" around 120 AD, some 90 or so years later.

Mad Ade

Correction: This is wrong, what the submitter is referring to is the province Syria Palaestina, which was formed 135AD. However, the name Palestine for that region was around since the 5th century BC, deriving its name from a 1150BC word for the area.


Corrected entry: At the time of the crucifixion, the Emperor of Rome was Tiberius. Caligula took power many years later.

Correction: The film accurately portrays Tiberius as in power at the time of the crucifixion as witnessed by the personal audience. Caligula ascends to the throne of the emperor later in the movie.

Corrected entry: This movie was made at the time of the Hayes code. Jesus's face is not allowed to be seen. So how were they allowed to have him speak from the cross? Unseen, of course. Surely that was a no-no that got past the censor.

Correction: The Hays code only required that religion not be presented in a negative way or ridiculed, and that ministers were not to be comic characters or villains. This applied to all religions, not just Christianity. There was no provision saying you couldn't show Christ, as long as it was not in a derogatory manner. The producers choosing not to show Christ's face would have had nothing to do with the Code, and allowing him to speak from the cross would not have been censored.


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