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Continuity mistake: In the scene after the 'robbery' of the suitcase of cash by Henry and Tommy, Pauly, Jimmy, Henry and Tommy are all celebrating their success, laughing etc. with the suitcase of cash on a table. While Pauly is telling Henry to tell anyone who asks that he won the money playing craps in Vegas, Jimmy is standing quite some distance to the left of Henry.When the camera closes in on Henry and Pauly, Jimmy has moved positions - he is now directly behind Henry's right shoulder (on the left of shot). This is obviously for effect so Jimmy can be seen laughing in the background.

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Continuity mistake: When Paulie is first introduced the long shot shows him holding his cigar next to his waist. The shot changes to a close up, and he is now holding the cigar up near his chest. (00:03:50)


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Continuity mistake: When Henry is in prison and he comes in to the kitchen with food in a bag, he first passes some bread to Paul. In one shot he picks up 2 jars and a bottle of wine. The next shot he is carrying the same food but suddenly has a loaf of bread in his hands. When the camera angle switches we now see Henry in front of the table about to sit at the table but now has no food in his arms. (01:22:10)

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Continuity mistake: Whilst Jimmy is choking Morrie in the wig store the phone suddenly rings and the shot changes. Between shots the way Morrie is standing has all of a sudden changed. Instead of leaning back, he is bent forward. The way he is holding the phone whilst being choked changes as well. (00:38:30)


Other mistake: In the scene where Jimmy and Henry try to strangle Maury with the telephone cord, the handset is off the hook, but the telephone still somehow rings.

Continuity mistake: When Henry is in prison, Karen comes to visit him and drop off goods she smuggled in. They begin to argue while Henry is holding his daughter and Karen starts placing all the goods on the table. The camera angle switches to just a view of Henry's hands gathering the goods and if you look carefully, you will notice that BOTH of Henry's hands are collecting the goods. This would be impossible considering he is holding his daughter in one of his arms. Once the goods are collected, Henry is seen holding his daughter again.

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Continuity mistake: When Ray's girlfriend is showing off her apartment to her two girlfriends they walk down the hall to the bedroom. The camera then changes to them entering the bedroom door and the order of girls has changed.

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Continuity mistake: Henry and Jimmy are eating in a diner waiting for word about Tommy being "made". When Jimmy goes outside to make the call to find out, there is a car parked outside the diner, at this point, the car's window is open. When Jimmy starts kicking over the phonebooth and Henry comes outside to join him, the car's window is closed. (01:51:35)

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Continuity mistake: After Henry beats up Karen's neighbour with his pistol, he puts the gun in Karen's hand. In the close up the gun is resting in her palm, but in wide shots of Karen and Henry she is holding the gun more by its barrel. (00:40:50)


Visible crew/equipment: After Henry pistol-whips his neighbour he goes to Karen's home. She opens a glass door and a boom mike, set lights and crew are reflected on it.


Continuity mistake: When Henry is visited in jail by his wife, his daughter turns her face away to the right. From the opposite angle she's in a totally different position and also a toy has appeared in her hand.


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Continuity mistake: When Henry has just shown De Niro the guns and he returns to his car, you see him light up a cigarette. When the shot changes the cigarette has vanished. (01:54:45)

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Spider is killed by Tommy, Jimmy is with his arms wide open just the instant before Tommy pulls the trigger. But in the next shot, when Tommy fires the gun, Jimmy is with his arms down.

Visible crew/equipment: When Henry comes out of jail and hugs his wife a boom mike is reflected on the glass of the car door.

Continuity mistake: When Paulie and the others are in prison and preparing dinner, there is a vase on the table where they will eventually eat dinner. The vase is filled with fresh basil at the beginning of this scene but disappears and re-appears throughout the scene.

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Continuity mistake: While Henry and Jimmy are beating up the guy in the car, Henry is holding a gun up to the guy's face. A few times during the scene, it changes back and forth from the gun pressed right up against his face to the gun a little away from his face. (01:17:50)


Factual error: When Henry and Karen are racing to Karen's mother's house when the helicopter is following them, the driveway Henry pulls up in has a 1982 or newer Pontiac Bonneville, but the scene was supposed to take place in 1980.

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end, when the FBI agent is explaining the Witness Protection Program to Henry and Karen, the hemline of Karen's dress changes from one shot to the next. First it's down low on her calf, then it's up by her knee, then it's down again, then up, then down again.


Continuity mistake: When Henry comes back from the hospital and is watching the helicopter above, the number of cars behind keeps changing from frame to frame. Sometimes it even looks as if there's just one lane, then two lanes filled with cars, then no cars.


Factual error: When Henry Hill is at the hospital, the doctor gives him a 10 mg Valium pill which is brown. In reality, Valium 10 mg is light blue and has a "V" shaped hole in the center of it. The pill appears to be an Ecotrin, which is a coated aspirin tablet.

Henry Hill: Jimmy was the kind of guy that rooted for bad guys in the movies.

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Trivia: The lines in the scene at Tommy's house where his mother makes dinner for them were entirely improvised by the actors.

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Question: What is the song being played during the scene when Henry is being chased by the helicopter towards the end? It starts when he puts the bags in the trunk of his car before going to pick up his brother, but it's not on the soundtrack and I can't see it listed in the end credits.


Chosen answer: The song is called "Jump Into The Fire" by Harry Nilsson, and is not on the original motion picture soundtrack.

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