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Corrected entry: During the library scene, Violet has custom guns with purple muzzle flares. The shape of these flares are Biohazard symbols, a direct reference to Resident Evil, one of Jovovich's earlier movies. Resident Evil is known as Biohazard in Japan, the origin of the series.


Correction: Seems kind of a reach. Unless there's some commentary on the issue by someone involved with the production of the film (and if there is, it ought to be cited in the entry) I'd say it's much more likely they're biohazard symbols because that's a "cool" shape for the flares to take.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where she proclaims to have lost two of her fingers on her left hand, the fingers are never really shown getting cut off in the fight sequence. Near the end of the fight scene, she turns around and shoots two guys coming through the doorway and you can see that all her fingers are there. After she eliminates the two, she faces one more guy whom in no way even touched her, she grabbed his arm, stuck the knife part under his groin, pulled up, shot at him and he was down, still with all her fingers. So how did she lose them?

Correction: She never lost her two fingers or was suppose to. The reason she uses the heat of the gun on her hand is to stop the bleeding on her one hand because of the cuts(not because she lost her fingers) and it shows in the scene where she walks across the bridge thing that only one of her hand is bleeding. That is why all her fingers appear because they are all there and are suppose to be.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Violet's hologram confronted Daxus with dozens of soldiers in black lined up behind him, they start to shoot at her after she said "come and get it". As Daxus approached the hologram and the black car, wouldn't he himself be in the line of fire? Perhaps the soldiers' shooting is pretty accurate but how about the ones directly behind him, parallel to the car?

Correction: It would seem anyone at risk of shooting Daxus wasn't firing their weapon while he was in their line of fire.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where we see Violet and Six leaving Daxus' truck, Six has a jacket on. In the next shot the jacket is gone and neither one of them is carrying it. In the very next shot the jacket is back.

Correction: Actually, they both leave Daxus' truck, he's got the jacket on until they get into the train station. When they enter, his jacket is off, but you cannot see either of his hands (you can see both of Violets) until he raises his right hand and grabs a hold of Violet's arm. He says, "Violet wait, what are we doing?" Still you cannot see his left hand, Violet hands over her credit card and tells him to get them something to eat, he takes it with his right hand and then in exchange he hands over his coat with his left. Meaning he was holding onto the coat the entire time with his left hand.

Plot hole: Where did Cross get the blood on his hands? The gloves were clean of blood after he looked at the teeth and removed the gloves, so where did it come from?

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Guard: You won't make it out of here with that case.
Violet: Watch me.

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Trivia: The film is directed by Kurt Wimmer who also directed Equilibrium. Both films not only use similar battle techniques (gun kata), but William Fichtner also plays a similar role in both movies: Both roles - Garth and Jürgen - are with the underground movement against the totalitarian regime of the movie.

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