The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)

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Corrected entry: During the fight scene between John Wayne and Lee Marvin, the shirt John Wayne is wearing changes when the fight indoors moves to outdoors.

Correction: There is no fight scene with Wayne and Marvin. Tom and Liberty never have a physical altercation.

Corrected entry: When the undertaker opens the coffin, Ranse orders him to get Doniphan's boots and spurs and put them back on the body. The undertaker says that they were really nice boots and Ranse tells him again. When the undertaker returns with the boots, they are old and beat up - certainly not "nice boots"

Correction: Exactly. They WERE really nice boots, just as the undertaker said.

Corrected entry: In front of the Tom's coffin, Marshal Link's hat appears and disappears between shots on the box he is holding.

Correction: This entry was cut and pasted from IMDb. Please junk it.

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