The Party

The Party (1968)

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Corrected entry: Peter Sellers has the surname 'Bakshi' which isn't quite a South Indian surname though he speaks in a South Indian (specifically, Tamil) accent.

Correction: The fact that he does not have a South Indian surname simply means his FATHER was born elsewhere, not that he was. His family may have moved there when he was a baby, but what's the point of speculating about thing like that?

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Hrundi is watching Bill Kelso and his lady friend playing pool. As he watches, note that all of the pool balls are in the corner of the table. Hrundi then talks to them and becomes friendly and gets Kelso's autograph. Then, during the scene suddenly all the pool balls have changes their position and they are now spread out instead of being in the corner. Nobody moved them and nobody shot the balls.



This film was the only non-Pink Panther collaboration between Peter Sellers and Blake Edwards.