Crossroads (1986)


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Frances: Blind Dog and Lightning Boy? Who the hell are you guys supposed to be?
Eugene Martone: We're bluesmen.
Willie Brown: I'm the bluesman, he's from Long Island.

Willie: Bright lights fry your brain? I guess that's why you forgot your hat.
Eugene: I just played my first barrel house. I'm a blues man now.
Willie: Blues man, shit. Only one blues man in town tonight, that was me. Where you learn to play them pussy chords, in music school?
Eugene: Only one school. I played the chords I learned on the road and I kicked ass. People felt it, so don't give me that garbage.
Willie: People felt whiskey. Same as I'm feeling right now. And just about to feel some more.


Willie: Hey, look at that train over there.You ain't gonna never get that lost song if you can't make the train talk. Yeah, the way you playing, it's gonna take you 10 years.
Eugene: Well, maybe I'll have to do what you did. Go to the crossroads and strike a deal with the devil.


Willie Brown: The blues ain't nothin' but a good man feeling bad... about the woman he once was with.

Willie Brown: Lots of towns... Lots of songs... Lots of women... Good times... Bad times... Only thing I wanted anyone to say is... 'He could really play... He was good'.

Man: You coming to play? In a black man's juke joint? You must have balls this big!


Eugene: I know I'm not Robert Johnson...
Willie: You're not even the beginning of a pimple on the late great Robert Johnson's ass.


Willie Brown: Oh, shit. Here we go, a little soul from the golden ghetto.

Willie Brown: Oh, so the famous long island blues man come back for another visit, huh?
Eugene Martone: I have something that I think you'll be interested in.

Eugene Martone: Hey Willie, look at this hat. All I need is a Mississippi string tie and I'm ready to roll.
Willie Brown: Yeah, you need a lot more than that.

Scratch's Assistant: Ain't got no chance Blind Dog. You sold your soul. You goin' down, all the way down. Hell hounds on your trail, boy, hell hounds on your trail.

Willie Brown: They find out I can walk, they take away my Pontiac.

Other mistake: When Eugene discovers that it really is Blind Dog Fulton, he (Fulton) says that he needs to get out to help Eugene find that lost song. Eugene says that he will be here at "5:00 a.m." When they breakout - which took all of about maybe 10 minutes, it's very light for the morning time. Looks to be maybe 6:30 by daylight savings time.


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Suggested correction: Aside from the fact that daylight continuity is seldom strictly observed in any film, you should be aware that dawn on the East Coast visibly begins breaking over the Atlantic at around 4:30 to 5:00 AM during Daylight Savings Time. The sun may not have cleared the horizon, but the sky is really quite bright in New York City (and the whole East Coast) by 5:00 AM.

Charles Austin Miller

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Trivia: John "Juke" Logan did the harmonica parts for the soundtrack. He also is the same person who did the harmonica on Home Improvement when the "boys from K&B Construction" did their musical "Ratchet Rhapsody" on Tool Time. If you listen closely, even Rock says "Ol' Juke whipped out his..."


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