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Corrected entry: After Julia gets on the motorcycle, the stunt double pulls a wheelie, and rides it into the next scene. The stunt double is taller, more muscular and darker skinned (possibly male). In the second half of the wheelie scene, the shoes of the stunt double switch from pink flats, to Addidas tennis shoes.

Correction: And that would be the joke for the scene. The movie is rife with references to other movies, and spoofs other genres as well. In this scene the joke is that the stunt double is so obviously different, even down to wearing different shoes.

Corrected entry: When Julia and Grant are walking after their dinner at "A RESTAURANT", Julia is heard saying "bum fight" but her mouth is saying something else.

Correction: No. She is saying "bum fight," nothing else.

Corrected entry: When Julia is about to go and meet her fiance on the roof top of her apartment, she gets on a motorcycle and it is very obvious, when she takes off (with the helmet on), that the person riding is a guy in a dress.


Correction: This is not a mistake because it was put in as a joke.