Girl, Interrupted

Continuity mistake: When Susanna gets into the cab to go to the mental hospital, she pushes the suitcase over and clearly sits on the left side of the cab (directly behind the driver), but in the following shots she is sitting on the right side, and looks out the right side passenger window.

Continuity mistake: When Susanna is taking a bath, just after Whoopi carried her and dumped her in the tub, you can see that Susanna's hair is combed straight in front of her face. The camera then goes to Whoopi as she talks with Susanna. Then the camera goes back to Susanna and her hair is combed back. Then after another shot of Whoopi, you see Susanna's hair combed forward again. Susanna could not have combed her hair back and forth w/o making any noises from her hands leaving the water. Yet, it was complete silence from the bathtub as the two were talking.

Continuity mistake: Almost at the end, when Winona is talking with the psychiatrist she is lighting a cigarette, and she puts the cigarette box next to her. In one shot we can see that the box is far from her and in other shot the box is near to her.

Continuity mistake: When the group of girls have snuck down to the "bowling ally", then to the doctor's office, Lisa begins to hand out the girls' files. When she goes to give Georgina her file, Lisa hesitates. As the camera moves back and forth between the two girls, Lisa's hand positions move.

Continuity mistake: When Lisa is trying to stop the two nurses from going into Susanna's room, she's on a chair with wheels on them. When the nurse (Whoopi Goldberg) decides to go into the room, we see Lisa wheeling towards the door with her. In the next shot, we see that Lisa is on the other side of the hall.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are driving the girl to the group home, the car behind them is green and white. After they turn into the driveway, the green and white car is coming towards them, and the car behind them is now a different car.

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