Project X

Project X (1987)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where two Security Policemen (SPs) respond to a disturbance on base, there is a problem with their ranks. One is a Master Sergeant, the other a Technical Sergeant. Air Force SP sergeants of these ranks work as supervisors and administrators, they don't do 'grunt' work like responding to alarms (I was a member of the Air Force Security Police). There's also a problem with their berets - to properly 'break-in' a beret you have to use water to form the beret to your head. Theirs were 'non-formed' berets, which is in violation of Air Force appearance standards, and they looked as if they were wearing smurf hats.

Correction: As in all movies, it is illegal to accurately display a military uniform. They have to alter the appearance of it slightly to avoid breaking the law. This is why the berets do not fit in with standards.