The Wild Geese
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Faulkner: Sandy?
RSM Sandy Young: Sir.
Faulkner: There's your killing ground. Take Tosh and four other men and set up a field of fire. Rafer and I will go deep around and take them in the flank.

Fr. Geoghagen, the Priest: Good luck to you, you Godless murderers.

RSM Sandy Young: Sir! With respect, you can stick the money up your arse that's all I can offer you sir. - I love what I do, I also love these grubby, thickheaded men I trained - you most of all and I expect to be with them and with you because I'm needed. You want to see a real revolution? Try and stop me.

Faulkner: Is your wife at home?
RSM Sandy Young: Yes sir, she'll be delighted to see you.
Faulkner: I don't think so. I think we'd better talk out here.

Faulkner: I'm dry when I work.
Sir Edward Matherson: Yes, so I've heard.
Faulkner: There's a separate clause in my contract that says my liver is to be buried separately with honors.
Sir Edward Matherson: I'm not a very humorous man.
Faulkner: So I've noticed.

Faulkner: Let's talk about your father.

Sir Edward Matherson: You drink whisky I take it, soda or water?
Faulkner: Large and straight, thank you.

Lt. Shawn Fynn: That's the best news I've had since I threw up my breakfast.

Faulkner: There is a clause in all of my contracts, that my liver is to be buried separately, and, with honors.

Lt. Shawn Fynn: That's one of the most moving benedictions I ever heard.

RSM Sandy Young: "Get on your feet, you fuckin' abortion!"

Capt. Rafer Janders: Father Geoghagen... my God... I thought you were dead... long ago.
Fr. Geoghagen, the Priest: Looking at you and your guns... I am.

Lt. Shawn Fynn: I may have a job for you.
Lt. Pieter Coetze: Thanks, I went to prison once, I didn't like it.

Faulkner: What do I call you? SIR Edward?
Sir Edward Matherson: You do.

Sgt. Jock McTaggart: I just like to fight, with weapons or without.

Faulkner: Thirty men in the valley of the shadow, and he wants to take over an entire country.

Revealing mistake: During the fight after Witty has been killed, Peiter throws a grenade that lands in a bush on the right of the path up which the enemy are advancing. However, the resulting explosion comes from the centre of the path and not as far away as the grenade flew.

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