The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Corrected entry: Since Skandar Keynes's voice broke during the filming, his sister had to voice some of his lines for him.

Correction: In the director's commentary on the DVD of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", the director referred to this and said that using Skandar's sister to voice some of his lines was considered, but was not in fact needed because they managed to record of all of his lines before it was too late.

Corrected entry: The bomb aimer on the Heinkel 111 which bombs London at the beginning of the film is equipped with a red LED console indicating which bombs were left. This portion of the film is intended to be set in the real world, not some technologically advanced alternative universe; as such, this is a clear anachronism as LEDs were not invented until 1962.

Correction: Having single stepped through the sequence on DVD, this doesn't look like an LED console to me. It looks like a row of red incandescent light bulbs, a technology which was very definitely available at the time of the Second World War.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, as the train is going along the tracks, smoke billows out of the front of the train in every shot, except one side shot, where no smoke is apparent. (00:05:35)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: The film is showing a long journey crammed into a few seconds. As an amateur steam locomotive driver, I can say that it is perfectly normal for the chimney to be perfectly clear for part of a journey whilst steam and/or smoke are billowing out of it on other parts of the journey. It depends on the actions of the driver and fireman, and the atmospheric conditions. The shot referred to is obvious as it is sandwiched between two shots in which the loco is billowing white steam, but that doesn't make it wrong.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene when the bombers are attacking London, we see the searchlights sweeping the sky and occasionally the searchlights sweep across a bomber. The searchlights are supposed to keep tracking a bomber once they find it so the antiaircraft guns can target it in the dark sky. Instead these lights just keep sweeping back and forth.

Correction: It is likely that that particular search light simply lost the bomber that it had found.

Corrected entry: When Lucy came out of Narnia the first time, she was only gone for a few seconds. 5 to 10 seconds at the most. But when she goes in the 2nd time, Edmund goes in at least 30 seconds after Lucy. Wouldn't Lucy have already returned if time basically stops in Narnia?

Correction: Time doesn't stop in Narnia, it goes a lot faster. Lucy and Edmund eventually met up in Narnia the second time so it makes sense that they came back together. Lucy just spent a much longer time in Narnia than Edmund the second time she was there.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, when the children are at the train station with their mother, the mother says to Lucy, "You warm enough? Good girl". When she says "good girl" her lips don't move.

Correction: Whenever someone says "good girl", they usually don't move their lips. Try it out.

Corrected entry: As the children are escaping down the beavers tunnel, the ceiling is about 5 feet tall, way bigger than any beaver would dig a tunnel. This was obviously done so the children could stand in the tunnel, none the less it is not factual.

Correction: You're seriously looking for 'factual' in a film with talking animals, witches and fauns? The beavers entertain from time to time - it would hardly be sensible, in the case of emergencies, for them to have an exit route dug that larger guests couldn't fit down. As such, they dug it larger than they themselves would require.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the film King Peter is shown riding a Unicorn but book 7 of the Chronicles of Narnia "The Last Battle" makes it clear that no one, not even the King, would dare to ride a Unicorn.

Correction: By site policy, differences between a film and its source material are not considered to be valid mistakes.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: If you look closely you can see the white witch's crown of ice shrink throughout the film. It is largest when she first meets Edmund and is almost nothing when she comes to Aslan's camp to demand Edmund's blood.

Correction: This is not trivia, but a plot point. As her power diminishes, so does the size of the crown.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When the beavers, Lucy, Peter and Susan are hiding in the cave and they see the shadow of Santa, the shadow is of a man. When they actually see Santa, though, he has a huge beard that would have been visible in the shadow.

Correction: Since the beard rests against his chest, there would be no way to distinguish the beard in the shadow.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: Filmed in chronological order.

Correction: This is very vague. If there are so few movies that are filmed in chronological order that this is a huge aberration, then that may be good trivia. If many movies are filmed in chronological order, then this does not really qualify as trivia as it is very commonplace. This should be explained in greater detail.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: When the Pevensies have a snowball fight (right after they enter Narnia), Edmund gets hit on his right shoulder by a snowball, and it leaves some snow on his robe. Several shots later, the snowball mark has switched to his left shoulder, and the spot where he was hit originally has no snow on it.

Correction: The key phrase is "several shots later." Snow clinging to cloth falls off while the person wearing the clothes moves. And he could easily have been hit by a different snowball on the other shoulder during the snowball fight.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the wolves interrogate the fox, why couldn't the wolves smell the Pevensie children and the beavers, who were right above them in the tree? Maugrim even says to his wolves, "Smell them out," but they don't smell the children or the beavers.

Correction: The children's scent was all over the scene. Since most dogs and wolves (with the exception of certain, specially bred hound breeds that can scent particles suspended in air) rely on scent deposits, they would have to follow the trail along surfaces (ie, the ground or leaves along the path,) and the fact that they were so close behind the children meant the scent trail was pretty heavy at that spot in either case. They probably couldn't tell the difference, by scent, between the children just having been there and the children still being there. I've done this sort of thing with my dog, and really, they're very easy to fool if you leave a big enough gap in the scent trail. Plus, they had the fox there to muddy the waters and say that the children had gone in a specific direction. When Maugrim said "Smell them out," his meaning was "Smell them out in that direction."

Corrected entry: As the train carrying the children away from London pulls away from the station, one shot shows the track forking and the train taking the left-hand track. The right-hand track leads away into the distance, but has a train on it - the train doesn't move, and neither does the smoke coming from it, showing that the entire right-hand section of the screen is a fake part of the set.

Correction: Actually, trains do on occasion sit on unused parts of the track when they aren't being used. It's very similar to parking a car.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tumnus and Lucy are walking towards Tumnus's house, an overhead shot shows two sets of human footprints behind the pair - not human feet and the faun's hooves as would be expected.

Correction: Tumnus's hooves are somewhat large (about the size of a humans feet.) This combined with deep snow and/or because he doesn't lift them very high can make his hoofprints look like footprints.

Corrected entry: When Lucy gives Tumnus the handkerchief, Tumnnus gives it to the Beaver just before he gets captured by the White Witch. The Beaver then gives the handkerchief to Lucy, then right at the end when Tumnus has been revived by Aslan, Tumnus has the handkerchief and gives it to Lucy.

David Hancock

Correction: This is not the same handkerchief. The one Beaver had given to Lucy was, of course, Lucy's, but the one which Tumnus gave her at the end was his own one. This is a kind of payback.

Corrected entry: Regarding Aslan's revival because he was an 'innocent who sacrificed himself', if he knew he was going to be revived, it wasn't much of a sacrifice, was it?

Correction: On the contrary, for Aslan to willingly offer himself to suffer humiliation and pain took great courage and steadfast faith on his part. It was only through that faith that he had the firm belief he would return. This is not a plot hole.

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Corrected entry: After the children encounter and receive gifts from Father Christmas, Susan says to Peter: "Just because some man in a red suit hands you a sword doesn't make you a hero." But Father Christmas had been dressed all in brown.

Correction: This is Susan's error, not the film's, and considering her frame of mind at the time she said that, it's not surprising.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the house when the children are playing hide and seek, Lucy runs towards the bedroom doors. She pushes the first door she comes to and it is locked. She then opens the door directly to the right and this is where the cupboard is. In the room there is a window shining light from outside into the room, but surely it should just look into the next bedroom?

Correction: The first door is never opened, so we don't know that it leads to a room. It could be a closet, and therefore wouldn't block the windows in the wardrobe room.


Corrected entry: When Lucy opens the wardrobe for the first time, several mothballs spill onto the floor. In the wide shot, they are gone. They return at the very end of the movie when all four children fall out of the wardrobe.

Correction: The mothballs remain the entire time. However, they have been pushed to the left once all four children are in the room.

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Susan Pevensie: Lucy thinks she's found a magical land...
Professor Kirke: Hmmm.
Susan Pevensie: In the upstairs wardrobe.
Professor Kirke: What? What did you say?
Peter Pevensie: Our sister... She thinks she's found a wood...
Professor Kirke: What was it like?
Susan Pevensie: Like talking to a lunatic...
Professor Kirke: No, no, not her, the wood!
Susan Pevensie: You don't mean you believe her?
Professor Kirke: And you don't?



When Mrs. MacReady meets the Pevensie children at the train station, the reflector screen is reflected in the lenses of her glasses, as she looks down when she speaks to them. It is also visible when the children first arrive at the house, when Mrs. MacReady says, "There shall be no disturbing of the professor."



When Lucy finds Narnia the second time, the "wind" that blows out her candle is a crew member inside the wardrobe blowing the flame out.