House of the Dark Stairway

Linda is really the disturbed alterego of Villa owner, Tony Rendina who's been trying to cover up that she is really a he. All who uncover 'her' secret or handiwork must die first Katia (Valeria Cavalli)and her room mate Angela (Fabiola Toledo. One has her head slammed several times on the edge of the sink, followed by having her head shoved back over the bathtub and having her neck slashed with a huge butcher knife. The other is strategicly sliced up in her stomach with a utility knife after being slashed in certain parts of her body then comes Giavanni (Stanko Molnar) who discovered the storage place of the previous victims and so is hit over the head with a wrench. Next Sandra (Anny Papa) who comes across a dying Giavanni and backs right into 'Linda' lurking behind a wall who strangles her with a film reel dragging Sandra round in circles cackling as s/he does so. Finally Julia (Lara Naszinsky)who whilst fleeing from 'Linda' has a blade jabbed right through her back (left sticking out the other end). Bruno pissed that Tony knifed his lover smashes a brick over the tranny's head followed by driving her/his own blade deep into his/her chest.


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