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Corrected entry: In the scene when President Shepherd walks into Lucy's room at the end of the movie, she informs him that Sydney Wade is in his bedroom. It is doubtful that the President's girlfriend would have been allowed to rummage through his private bedroom without his knowledge, and it is unlikely for safety reasons that 1)the president wouldn't be told about her presence by his staff members before his daughter and 2)she would be allowed to go on her hunt without the supervision of a secret service agent. No American President walks into his bedroom to find an unsupervised surprise guest looking through his drawers for a sweater. (01:32:50)

Correction: Wouldn't it be possible for the President to give standing orders that she was to have access to the living quarters, without escort?


Corrected entry: Sydney calls Pres. Shepard "Chief Executive of Fantasy Land" in the meeting room. So he tells her he wants to see her in private in a less intimidating place so he tells Janey to take Sydney to the recreation room. However, she takes Sydney to the Oval Office.

Correction: That's not a mistake, deliberate or otherwise. It becomes apparent that President Shepard gives his own names to the rooms of the White House. He calls it the Rec Room on purpose and Janey takes her to the correct room. It's a joke and also helps to show the laid back personality of Shepard.


Corrected entry: When Sydney enters the White House for the GDC meeting, she tells the doorman that it's her first time. Then when the President pulls her out of the meeting and they go into the Oval office to talk, she tells him she's been on the regular tour of the White House.

Correction: She meant it's her first time as anything other than a tourist.

This is a mistake. There is no way to conclude from her statement "This is my first time at the White House. I'm trying to savor the Capra-esque quality." that she means first time going through security, otherwise she would say that. Either it's a mistake in the script writing or the actress flubbed her lines and meant to say "first time invited to the White House."


Corrected entry: In the scene where Douglas' daughter helps him tie his bow tie before the state dinner, he calls her something Suvy insted of Lucy.

Correction: He calls her 'Sweetie' not 'Suvy'.


Corrected entry: Early in the movie A.J. tells Lewis that they can't include the ban on handguns in a bill because they might not get the bill passed. Later in the movie, after the president has said "you fight the fights you can win," A.J. tells the president that you have to "fight the fights that need fighting." Why did A.J. not want to fight for handgun control, since he felt that it was a fight that needed fighting?

Correction: The fight referred to in the later scene has nothing to do with the handgun issue, it's about the President not defending himself against Rumson's character attacks.

Corrected entry: The president announces he is going to rewrite a new bill. The president can only sign or veto laws. The legislature is the only branch with the power to write laws.

Correction: The president - or anyone - can write a bill. It's just that the legislative branch of the government is the only branch with the power to introduce bills into the process for which they can be turned into laws or amendments. The president probably has a loyal party congressman introduce the bill.

Corrected entry: A copy of the Washington Times newspaper shows a front-page black-and-white photo of President Shepherd with Sidney. This is incorrect because the Washington Times never uses black-and-white page one photos, only color. The Washington Post used black-and-white, but the Times never does.

Correction: Most papers didn't start printing any color except Sunday funnies til a few years after this film was made. In any case, it is certainly an overstatment to say that the Times NEVER does since the paper started before color photography.

Corrected entry: When Michael Douglas & Annette Benning are entertaining the French President and his wife in the ballroom, they show Annette speaking French to their guests and her hands are in front of her. The next scene shows Annette from behind while she is still talking and she is fiddling with her ring. The third scene is back showing her from the front and her hands are not fiddling with her ring.

Correction: I don't see Sydney doing anything with her hands in the rear shot. You can't even see her hands.


Correction: This is true we are watching this movie right now. When the President of France is explaining regarding the rules of Louie and Marie Antoinette. Camera in front she is clasping her hands together from behind she is playing with the ring on her left index finger. Then to the front hands clasping again.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie as Michael Douglas and Annette Benning are walking together he gives her roses and she asks how he was finally able to get her flowers. He says "it turns out that I have a rose garden." The only problem is that it is January... no roses in January in Washington, D.C.

Correction: This is an attempt at humor - and referencing the famous White House Rose Garden. Whether he actually got the flowers from the Rose Garden is moot.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Annette Bening asks Michael Douglas how he managed to be president and give a woman flowers at the same time. He said that it turns out that he has a rose garden. Does this rose garden grow baby's breath also?

Correction: This is an attempt at humor - and referencing the famous White House Rose Garden. Whether he actually got the flowers from the Rose Garden is moot - as is the baby's breath.


Corrected entry: What kind of billiard game do the president and A.J. play at the beginning of the movie? Both seem to be good players announcing their shots. The President sinks the balls 11, 2, 9 and 3 in a row before he misses the cue ball. Then A.J. sink the balls 3 and 13. So it's neither 8-ball nor 9-ball. Does their game have no rules?

Correction: They could be playing 15-Ball, which is a point-based game and you can sink any ball.

Correction: It's most likely straight pool, where you have to call your shot first, but can hit any ball in for points. 15-Ball requires the shooter to first hit the lowest numbered ball on the table prior to any ball going in.

Continuity mistake: When the President comes home, right before Sydney tells him that he lost her vote, he is walking up the stairs and unbuttoning his jacket. However, in the next shot, he goes to kiss his daughter, and his jacket is buttoned again.

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Lucy Shepherd: Do you see it as part of your job to torture me?
President Andrew Shepherd: No, just one of the perks.

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Question: I have a question about the scene where Sidney receives the ham from the President. At the theatre I believe someone read the note aloud, but my video cut that part. Does anyone know what the note said?

Answer: Sydney mouths the words to the note and laughs, but she doesn't say the words outloud.


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