The Locals

The Locals (2003)

Ending / spoiler

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While being chased by the accursed locals, Paul tripped and landed...fataly on a iron railing belonging to a graveyard. He's now one of forsaken...thanks to the dying on the hexed heart lands. Grant destroys Tone/Nev by smashing up his bones theirby severing his mortal link to the heartlands. In order to prevent Tone/Nev is ressurection on the next night, Grant is ordered to take what's left across the river, so that he won't rise again. Paul pleads with him to take him and his mortal remains away from this place so he can pass on. Grant is told if he doesn't make it across the bridge by sunrise he'll die and become trapped here in this place too. As he takes off Kelly and Lisa beg him to come back and collect their cadevers so they can go onto the after life. Grant just manages to make it across the bridge as it fades away.


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