Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart (2005)

2 mistakes - chronological order

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Plot hole: About two thirds of the way into the film, Gina comes running into Montebello's to talk to Joe, while Joe bursts into Prestolani's to confront Gina. Of course, in typical romantic comedy fashion, they just miss each other. However, the two pizzerias are directly next to each other, and both characters were using the front doors. Therefore, there is no way that they could possibly have missed each other.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, Annette tells Carlo about her feelings, and they kiss in the kitchen of Prestolani's. At the same time, Joe and Gina are in the adjoining rear courtyards of Prestolani's and Montebello's and both restaurants catch on fire because of the faulty utility pole. Annette and Carlo are supposed to be inside Prestolani's, yet are never shown escaping from the fire.


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