Dark Water

Dark Water (2005)

Ending / spoiler

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Dahlia finds out that her daughter's (Ceci) "imaginary" friend was Natasha, who was neglected and then abandoned by both her parents. While exploring the water tower ontop of the roof of her run-down apartment...she fell in, no one came to help her and she eventually drowned. Dahlia discovers that Natasha is still floating about in there...superintendent Veeck left her to rot in there. He is dragged off by the cops as his neglegence caused her death and then he had the cheek to cover it up. Dahlia (understandably) can't stay in a place like this anymore and plans to move Ceci out. But that night as Dahlia puts Ceci in the bathtub, Natasha locks Ceci in, and asks for Dahlia to read her a story. Once Dahlia discovers where Ceci is, she rushes in the bathroom, only to find the water is filling up the whole bathroom, and she cannot break through the glass to get to her daughter. Dahlia then sees Natasha in the tub drowning Ceci, and begs that she stops. Natasha was already was jealous of the great relationship that Dahlia and Ceci shared, but now she's being deserted once more she's seriously pissed. She makes it clear that she wants an eternal companion, being either Dahila or Ceci, so Dahila lets herself be drowned so her daughter can survive. Ceci goes off to live with her dad in a different part of the city.

Crystal Rodriguez

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