The Boys Club

The Boys Club (1997)

Ending / spoiler

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Luke Cooper is not a cop...he's a cop killer, the boys learn of this when the open up the boot of his 'car' and uncover the real owner of the badge, battered, shot and now decomposing...but still dressed in his uniform. Luke states the cop pulled him over and harrsed him to the point that Luke snapped and wound up killing him. Jake pissed that his brother, Kyle wrecked his car shows up to burn down their secret hideout. Luke shoots him, and leaves him to bleed to death. In some stand off moments, Kyle Brand & Eric overpower Luke and batter him senseless, both he and Jake are taken off in seperate ambulances as the story ends


Liquor Store Manager: I said you'll have to leave or we'll call the police.
Kyle: Oh, relax okay?
Liquor Store Manager: That's it Barney, call the police.
Eric: Yeah, Barney cause you got first big guy? Hey ah, do you like this? Points to the bottle of wine.
Liquor Store Manager: Put the bottle back, sir.

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