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Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, two vehicles are being driven into the woods. One is the beat-up van containing the woman who has been tied up. The other, a yellow coupe, is being driven by the young lady who, according to the plot twist revealed near the end, has actually been responsible for the murders in the movie. If the real murderer was driving the yellow coupe and the only real occupant of the beat-up van was the tied-up woman, then who was driving the van? The movie shows the van being driven by a sadistic middle-aged male murderer who turned out to be a figment of the real murderer's imagination, but at the end, we see the real female killer and the van, so the van must have been driven by somebody.

Correction: Alex, the real killer has a split personality. She was more than likely imagining the whole idea of being in the yellow car. She was in the van the whole time, but with her split personality also imagined chasing herself (as the heroine) being in a yellow car. It was all a figment to her, but shown to us from her perespective.

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Corrected entry: This movie is French (dubbed over in English), and takes place in France, yet Marie talks about all the local "rednecks" and "hippies". Not in France.


Correction: Perhaps there is no appropriate English word to translate what was actually said in French. "Redneck" and "hippie" just have the closest approximate meaning in English. After all, when we say "redneck" we mean a special kind of ignorance, simple-mindedness, and lifestyle. The words "red" and "neck" have nothing to do with that.

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Other mistake: When "the killer" is pumping gas, if you count the clicks associated with a liter going into the tank, they equal a total of 33 liters of gas, not 27 which is what the pump stops on.

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Le tueur: You drive a woman crazy. You little slut.

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