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Foul Play (1978)

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Corrected entry: When Chevy and Goldie are racing to save the Pope in the stolen taxi, after he jumps the dirt mound at the construction site the hood opens upon impact when the car lands - but in the next shot the hood is closed again. (01:46:05)

Correction: The hood can be seen closing as Chevy Chase makes a left turn.

Corrected entry: When Scarface's body is recovered from the beach, there is a brief shot of a body, completely covered by a sheet, being carried on a stretcher. As Tony approaches his captain, the body is carried past the pair and the captain says "Recognize the body?" or something similar and Tony replies, "Scarface?" Can Tony see through sheets?.


Correction: Tony is just guessing from what Gloria told him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gloria and Stella are eating outside, Gloria's sandwich goes from whole to mostly eaten to only partly eaten.

Correction: Gloria's sandwich is cut in half. Since this is not seen onscreen, it is plausible that it is the first half that goes from whole to mostly eaten in between shots and then in between the other shots, it is the second half of the sandwich that is partly eaten.

Corrected entry: In one scene where Goldie Hawn is trying to escape from the baddies she runs through a doorway. She throws her shoulder bag back into the room and slams the door shut. When the scene cuts to her on the other side of the door the bag is back on her shoulder.

Correction: She didn't throw her bag back into the room. It does look like she did, but she puts it back on her shoulder at the last minute. All she leaves in the room are the "equipment" Stella gave her.

Corrected entry: Chevy Chase becomes a hero at the end of the movie after running all over San Francisco to get to the opera house in time to save the Pope from an assassin. In real life Chevy would have been severely disciplined - in a real crisis, he should have simply telephoned to a command center and have the security team on site get His Holiness to safety.

Correction: He was a hero because he DID save the Pope, and plus there was no time to call anyone and explain everything, the Opera had already started by that point.

Corrected entry: When Scarface breaks into Gloria's apartment to steal the evidence, watch the close-up shot of him holding the film - you can see that there is a "leader" coming out of the roll, indicating the film has not yet been used.


Correction: Assuming that we are talking about 35mm film here, the leader is sometimes also visible on used rolls.

J I Cohen

Audio problem: The scene in Dudley Moore's apartment was longer than the song, "Stayin' Alive" that is playing on his stereo so the song is substantially longer by looping and replaying portions of the song. (00:30:20 - 00:36:00)

William Bergquist

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Tony Carlson: I think we got off on the wrong foot.
Gloria Mundy: Yes, and it seems to be in your mouth.
Tony Carlson: OK, I deserve that. Listen, it's Gloria, right? You're a really nice girl and I'm a nice guy, and you're very pretty with or without cleavage, and what do you say... would you like to take a shower?
Gloria Mundy: I don't pick up strange men.
Tony Carlson: Well, that's your problem.
Gloria Mundy: So why don't you try it?

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