Cool as Ice

Cool as Ice (1991)


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Johnny: You hit pretty good... for a girl.

Princess: Too bad, too sad.

Princess: Where were you?
Johnny: Chillin' wit Kat. You know, that chick who drives the horse.

Kathy: I'll see you later.
Johnny: You're seeing me now.
Kathy: Oh, I'm seeing you now.

Gordon: Who was that?
Kathy: It was this guy who gave me a ride home.

Johnny: Looky, looky in Kat's black booky.

Johnny: It's not where you're from, it where you're at.

Johnny: I'm gonna go across the street and, uh, schling a schlong.

Tommy Winslow: As soon as you're done making sex?

Nick: What was that all about?
Kathy: Forget him, I already have.

Johnny: A'ight, so how long have you lived here?
Kathy: Um, all my life, why?
Johnny: What's it like?
Kathy: What do you mean 'what's it like?'.
Johnny: You know, having parents and all that stuff... a brother... all that stuff, yo.

Tommy Winslow: Hi Johnny. So what do you think?
Johnny: Yeah, man it's fresh.

Johnny: Sharper than the point on the tip of a nail.

Johnny: You're not wasting my time, I'm just cooling.

Kathy: What are you doing here?
Johnny: Yo, you axed me.

Johnny: Hey-yo, wassup ma'am?
Grace Winslow: Can I help you?
Johnny: Yeah, I'm looking for Kat.
Grace Winslow: We don't have a cat.
Johnny: Kathy, your daughter.

Nick: What the hell is that?
Kathy: Don't ask me.

Revealing mistake: Towards the end when Vanilla Ice jumps the motorcycle over Nick's car, you can see the ramp he used through the car's windshield.

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