Be Cool

Elliot and Raji get the idea to set up Nick by telling Sin that Nick has the money Sin is owed by Tommy. Sin finds out the caller is Raji, and he and his gangster rappers come along to Nick's record company, where they beat Raji up and dangle him off a building, while they figure out what's going on with Nick. In the carnage, the Russian mafia come along as well, wondering why hasn't Chili come to their pawn shop, like Nick said he would. The leader of the mafia is killed by Sin. Linda performs with Aerosmith. That night, Sin comes to Chili's apartment for the money Chili said he would get. Chili offers to them that they can help Linda get published and famous, which they accept. Nick gets Raji and Elliot to try and kill Chili while kidnap Edie. Elliot finds out that Chili found him an audition, but Raji erased it from his answering machine. Raji and Elliot grapple and Elliot's gun fires off a stray bullet into some fireworks, setting Raji's back on fire. He walks into Linda's video shoot and ends up in the video. Nick gets set up for Joe's death. Linda wins best video. Elliot gets a role in a Nicole Kidman film. Chili and Edie ride off.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Vince Vaughn is complaining to Harvey Keitel in Harvey's office about the hitman he hates his gold necklace is either tucked into his shirt and red tracksuit or hanging out. This alternates throughout shots but during the same conversation.

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Darryl: What do you tell a man with two black eyes? Nothing, he's already been told twice.

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Trivia: The role of Elliott Wilhelm was written specifically for The Rock.

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