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Corrected entry: At the end of the scene where Forrester's identity is revealed, the camera shoots a close up on his book that he pushed aside, lying on the table. Then it reverts to Jamal and Forrester again. Jamal is not shown putting his things in his backpack, and we would see him if he walked to the table to get it. Jamal then exits the apartment without his book, but has it again later in the film without reference of it being returned.

Correction: Just before Jamal is seen packing his backpack, Forrester pushes the book back to him, although he does it very quickly. Jamal even nearly drops it, as Forrester pushes the book at him incredibly fast.

Corrected entry: The basketball court they are playing the championship game on has the 3 point arc line set for NBA distance, which is several feet farther from the basket than the 3 point line for college.

Correction: They are playing at Madison Square Garden, an NBA court. Since they are a high school team, they would probably be more grateful to be allowed to play at the arena then to play by all the high school regulations, college rules would never considered.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the scene in which Sean Connery leaves his apartment to attend a basketball game he is wearing a heavy coat. Later in the same scene he is wearing a leather jacket.

Correction: if you look closely, you can see the black leather jacket underneath. When they return to his apartment, he is no longer wearing the yellow coat, only the leather jacket, but if you watch very closely, you will see that the yellow coat he had been wearing is draped over his arm.

Factual error: In one scene in "Finding Forrester", Sean Connery's character video-tapes a bird from his apartment window, proclaiming that it is an "adult male...Connecticut Warbler." He then shows the image on his camcorder to Rob Brown's character and the audience. But the image we see is NOT a Connecticut Warbler. It is an adult male Yellow Warbler. There's no way to confuse the two species. The Yellow Warbler is very distinctive: all yellow, with faint chestnut streaking on its chest. The Connecticut Warbler has a greenish back and a grey "hood" (head, throat, and chest). If he HAD shown a picture of a Connecticut Warbler, that might have been confusing, because there are other warblers that look like a Connecticut. But the Yellow Warbler is unmistakable, and the brief glimpse in the movie left me with no doubt. It is such a simple, and obvious mistake, that I must wonder if they made it on purpose, just to test the audience. Anyone who could come up with the name "Connecticut Warbler" would have to know what one looks like, or at least have easy access to an image (there's zillions on the web, not to mention in scores of books, including ANY guide to North American birds). Even assuming the filmmakers had correctly depicted a Connecticut warbler on Sean Connery's camcorder, the likelihood of this species appearing outside a third-story window in the Bronx is practically nil. Connecticut warblers are extremely secretive birds that do not perch in trees, but walk on the ground, amongst dense vegetation. Furthermore, they are not in the New York area, but occur there only on rare occasions during migration. Even in its proper habitat, a sighting of one is considered exceptional.

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Jamal: "The rest of those who have gone before us cannot steady the unrest of those to follow." You wrote that in your book.

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Trivia: Whenever we see Forrester's hands on the keyboard, they are not Sir Sean Connery's, but someone else's, as the production found out during filming that Connery could not type.

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