Blow Out

Blow Out (1981)

5 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Jack sees the car drive into the creek and runs to check for anyone injured. Jack dives into the water and you see the car submerge completely. Jack is then looking around and the car's trunk is sticking out of the water, then submerges yet again.

Continuity mistake: In the booth the brunette grabs the blonde girl's hair with her right hand, but she has it with her left hand in the next shot. (01:00:10)

Revealing mistake: Burke kills Mary Roberts. She blinks when he turns her head to check out her face. (00:47:10)

Continuity mistake: Manny Karp's cigar jumps from his mouth to his hand, as he sits Sally down during their conversation in his apartment.

Continuity mistake: Jack is sitting inside the hotel room with his head against the window. The scene cuts to the inside of the room and now there is a blue curtain that is in between Jacks head and the window.

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