Hellraiser: Inferno

Corrected entry: Dt. Thorne finds a child's finger in a candle at the Jay Cho crime scene and shortly after solves the box that, unknown to him, sends him into Hell; almost at the end he discovers that the other fingers he has found throughout the story are those of himself as a child. He shouldn't have found a finger until after he first played with the puzzle box because he was still in reality at the Jay Cho scene.

Correction: Even though he was still in reality, the finger in the candle could be from a different child, until Thorn opened the box, where in his reality/his hell, the finger is his, but in real life the finger was from another child.


Corrected entry: When Thorne's wife and daughter's bodies break into pieces after being frozen, their clothes shatter in the same manner when they should have simply fallen to the floor.

Correction: He's already in Hell by this point, and his family is not. What he is being shown is designed to make him suffer and doesn't have to follow the rules of our world.

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