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Wicker Park (2004)

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Corrected entry: Matt visits Alex at Lisa's apartment. I realize that a few years have gone by, however, Matt should have recognized something in that apartment (besides the shoes). I find it hard to believe that Lisa would have replaced EVERYTHING from her past. She would have kept something; pictures, a mirror, a chair, a bed frame. Something in that apartment would have been the same.


Correction: It's not a mistake, Lisa moved to another flat in different house. That's why Matthew had to follow Daniel to find her new flat. He didn't even know at what floor she lives after arriving to the building and had to check the mailboxes. Plus, each flat has completly different type of windows. No one in the movie says she moved, but since she left for some time to Europe and the flat itself could have been only rented so she didn't want to pay for it while she wasn't present in Chicago. When Luke (Matthew's best friend who dates her) drives Alex to her place, she thinks about unlocking the door and go home (where Lisa took refuge), but then she decides to take a cab instead and visit Lisa's new flat. We know that Alex' flat and Lisa's flat were across the same yard, so why should she take a cab for going only few meters? Plus, in the scene where we finally see Lisa with in Alex' flat and it's not flashback, there are few shots where we can see trough the window into the Lisa's old flat across the yard - and there is couple we haven't seen yet and won't see again, actually the new inhabitants.

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