Mysterious Island
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Herbert Brown: I ran away from a battle. I've been running ever since. I got caught running away.
Sgt. Pencroft: Son, your whole Union Army's been running from mine for the last three years. Now we're running away from you. You needn't feel special about it.

Gideon Spilitt: Captain, why don't we turn this island into a democracy and elect a leader? One who won't keep escaping to places which need escaping from.
Captain Cyrus Harding: Because all of us here are still at war, and I just happen to be the ranking officer.

Elena Fairchild: I'm going to ask Captain Harding to marry us.
Herbert Brown: That'd be wonderful, if he were only a minister, but he's not.
Elena Fairchild: He's a captain, and captains can marry people at sea.
Herbert Brown: He's a land captain, not a sea captain.
Elena Fairchild: Well, we're on land, aren't we?

Neb Nugent: Captain... what language is this?
Captain Cyrus Harding: It's Latin. "Mihi libertas necessest."
Lady Mary Fairchild: "I must have liberty."

Captain Nemo: Now Captain Harding, aren't you ready to dance with the devil now?
Captain Cyrus Harding: Show me the pumps and the power to raise that ship, and then you'll have seven new waltz partners.

Continuity mistake: When the two men are carrying water up to their new cave home (via a home made elevator), one of the men is holding two buckets of water. In the shot where you can see the sea behind them, this man hands the second man a bucket of water, which he takes. In the very next shot, from inside the cave, the first man has both buckets and again hands the other man the bucket of water. (00:48:35)

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