A Cinderella Story

Sam's stepsisters find out about the emails from Austin Ames and tell Shelby. Shelby and the cheerleaders publically humilate Sam and say that she's Cinderella. Sam runs off upset and goes to work and at work the guitar falls off the wall of the diner revealing her Dad's words and they give her the courage to tell Fiona she quits and that shes moving out and she does, in with Rhonda who says that she also quits and that she's only stayed working there because of Sam and everyone quits there jobs and leaves "Fionas". She then goes back to the school and tells Austin exactly what she thinks of him and runs into Carter. Carter and her go to the football game and Sam decides she can't handle it. As Austin looks up and see;s Sam reading he runs off and kisses her. The next day Sam is clearing all the stuff from her room at Fiona's and discovers her Dad's will in her Fairy Tale book leaving everything to her. She sells Fiona and her stepsisters cars for money for Princeton after Brianna and Gabriella give her the real letter. Sam and Austin go off to Princeton together and Carter hooks up with Astrid. Fiona and her daughters end up working at the diner which has been restored under the watchful eye of Sam's new partner, Rhonda. And they all live happily ever or after, or, for now.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Sam and Rhonda have Fiona's car confiscated, when Fiona runs out shouting, "I can pay for those parking tickets!" the crew's black mat is laid out on the walkway, but in the overhead shot when she tries to run away that mat is gone. (Visible on fullscreen DVD.) (01:28:10)

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Sam: We're supposed to be conserving water, we're in the middle of a drought.
Fiona: Droughts are for poor people. Do you think J.Lo has a brown lawn? People who use extra water have extra class!

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Trivia: The directors had Sam wear a lot of blue throughout the movie to standout and show she stood apart from everyone else. They tried to get all the other actors and extras to wear as little blue as possible. If you pay attention, Sam is often wearing blue and all the teenagers in the background wear jeans a lot less than you would probably see at a high school.

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Question: When Sam and Carter and Rhonda are at the costume place looking for costumes for Sam, what is the costume that Carter points to and says, "There is this one"?

Answer: He is pointing to a red dress with some sort of black coat. Possibly a female Dracula costume.


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